Ten Tips You Need to Survive College

Ten Tips You Need to Survive College
Oksana Stadnyk
Sierra College, California

There are several steps how I can be successful as a student.

First of all, I need to schedule classes that I want to take earlier or on time. At first day of the school, I should be on time, take notes, save, and organized all papers that teachers give to me. Also, I am responsible to do my homework and studying for each subject should take minimum 2 hours of each class. The best time to do my homework is the daytime when my brain is fresh.Of course, it should be in a comfortable and guiet place. It should also be noted that I have to visit campus library, use the computer facilities, or get help in the Tutor Center if I need it. Finally, sleeping 8 hours at night and having at least one or two students to study with are really helpful to reach my goal, to be successful student.

how to prepare for college
Alby =), College Senior
Intercoast College, River Side CA

First know what classes you want to take and make sure you have a notebook to take notes in your classes. You are going to need them later.

ten tips you need to survive college
College Freshman
Dyersburg State Community College, Dyersburg, TN

My favorite are: try not to schedule back to back classes, so you have time to study in between. Attend the first day of class, so you know what is expected and you wont be behind. Don't just study in class also study outside of class. Study in a place you are comfortable in. Do the work in your worst subject first, so you're not too tired after doing the easy subject.

Being Organized
Brittany Bailey, College Freshman
Ultimate Medicial Academy, Tampa, Flordia

After reading this article I realized that being organized is very important. It showed how to sort out my time wisely with school work and family time. During my time in college I will surely use these steps for being organized.

Surviving College Is Very Important
Alexandria Lopez
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa,FL

To me surviving college is very important because surviving is what makes you successful. If you can't survive then pressure builds up and you'll get too stressed that you will want to quit. Setting your own tips on how to survive is helpful too,but actually going with it is what really helps. Sometimes all you have to do is just take a big deep breath and go along with the flow.


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