Study Environment Analysis

Study Environment Analysis
Stephanie Lockard, College Junior
Intercoast , West Covina, Ca

As I was doing the survey, I started to think that I really never gave it much concern when it came to where I studied at and how it would affect me in so many ways. I personally feel that the best place to study for me is not necessarily the best place for the next person. I believe that it's the individuals own right to study where he wants to whether it's where people are talking or the televisions on or it may have to be complete silence but again everyone's different.

How to study
Camille Harris, College Junior
St.petersburg College, Seminole, FL

I think the how to study program will be very help to me. Because it will allow me to be on time with all my assignments and projects that are due. I wlll really enjoy using this program for all my lessons and projects.

how i study
College Freshman
uiltamate medical , Tampa, Florida

Well when I not busy with my kids, i like to go in the back yard and find a tree to sit under where there is peace and no noise.

How i study
Julia Sauceda, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

There are not many places I can study. I prefer to study • in my room with the door shut, • at a park by myself, • or at the library.

I tend to need a very quiet environment.

Location, Location, Location
Rita Miller, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

While it is the individual's choice as to where to study and I agree that no two individuals are totally alike, I do feel that the study environment impacts on the quality of study.

Study Locations
Shakitta Jones, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, fl

Once I have completed this exercise, I was surprised with the total numbers in each box. Honestly, I thought my most studied place would be the different locations that had free wi-fi services. The location that had the most true responses was my work place which the exercise recommened me to study at from now on.

Study Environments
Holly Strickland
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, FL

The way one is able to study differs for each person. I enjoy studying in a quiet space with plenty of light and room to spread out all of my books, notes and etc. In some cases I don't have the option to go to my usual place of study because I may have to be in the dining room at the table, so that I am able to watch my children. There I have many distractions and am unable to fully get the beeifits I need to read and understand my assignments.

So I have to cut my study time in half and work on the assignments later when I get the children to sleep or my husband comes home to take over. So it all comes down to the type of studying environment a person needs. Everyone is different and can study in many different ways and environments.

Where's your best place to study? You may be surprised.
Glenna Riel, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL

I was surprised to find the location of my computer was the least conducive place to study. I found my upstairs room away from everyone and everything was my best study location. I feel like I will be doing most of my reading upstairs as I need to be able to remember my reading more in order to retain it.

My best study enviroment
Elizabeth Greene
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, Florida

I have found that my bedroom at night, when the kids are in bed is the best place and time for me to study. I have tried the living room but I end up watching TV or getting distracted with my children. It seems like when I am trying to do school work, my two wonderful children bug me the most. So I go to my bedroom after they are tucked in and study and do homework with my fan on but no music or TV because those are two big distractions for me.

midnight madness
Nicole Jordan
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

After a busy day with my two toddlers, I enjoy sitting back and watching (a few) B-rated ;) horror movies on Syfy. Once the kids are in bed, I can sit up for "hours" at a time enjoying these thrillers!!! Since starting classes, I have replaced SyFy with my laptop and enjoy a nice, quiet, uninterrupted evening with my studies. I understand late nights aren't for everyone, but if your up anyway_ take advantage of this time for study.

How I study
College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy , Tampa, Florida

I find it easiest to study when my 4 month old son is taking a nap. I sit in the quietest room in the house.

Study Enviroment
Kristina Williams, College Freshman
UMA , Florida

I used to have a hard time finding a good place to study due to having 5 people including myself living in my house. Especially since two of those people are my 4 year old daughter and 10 year old brother.

1. I found going to the library where it is usually quiet is a great place to study. 2. Another great place would be my bedroom when the kids go to sleep so i have more peace and quiet. 3. The final place I like to study is outside in the woods. There is nothing more peaceful then a place surrounded by nature.

Study Environment
Marian Briscoe, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa Florida

I have a tendency to study in my dining area because it provides a large table to laptop, books and other essentials for class. It isn't the most ideal spot, but I need the space.

preferred study enviroment
Andrea Marshall, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I would prefer to study in my room. The space in my room is private, so it accompanies all my studying needs. My bedroom is also quiet and calm. I'm able to relax and focus in this environment. My bedroom is free from stress, so I can study efficiently.


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How to Study Model

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