Choosing a Study Environment

It was just AMAZING!
Ashwini Nayak, HS Junior
R.R.Vaidya English Medium School, Ratnagiri,India.

It was a very useful information for me. I really had the problem of not having a suitable study environment. And I got your website just in time from a magazine. Now my final exams are going to start. And believe it or not, I automatically say"I should stand up now",when I start daydreaming! Thank-You for supporting us. We students will surely improve because of your help.

Excellent Advice!
Jordan Ross, HS Sophomore
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska, Fairbanks

Wow these really hit the nail on the head for the most part.

I study the best in a quiet environment where I am alone. I notice myself doing a lot of the things. I absolutely believe that a person will learn most,when they are in the environment most comfortable to them. Therefore, one should seek to derive a situation that maximizes the potential for them to learn and be comfortable.

Top 10
College Freshman
Crafton Hills, Yacaipa, Ca

This resource was very helpful with the top 10 tips for studying. The first tip started off with finding a quiet place that you may feel comfortable enough to study in. It showed survey suggestions as well as what other student can suggest. The second tip was about giving you an expected study time. This is a great idea so you wont over work yourself. The third tip was a suggestion of association. The tip was to obtain an article of clothing or charm and to have with you only when you study, which can be a bit hard, but can work for some people. The fourth tip gives you an idea of how to keep you away from day dreaming as much as possible. This tip can come in handy for many people since daydreaming is stemming away from concentration. The fifth tip is to help you increase your study time by keeping you concentrated. The sixth tip is to help you learn habitual and time controlled learning. This tip is great if you're trying to be devoted to your work. The seventh tip is to stay away from unfinished business so you wont become distracted with other thoughts while studying. The eight tip is to divide your study load into small units to help increase studying abilities because it is easy to over load yourself. The ninth tip is to keep a note pad close to write down what you need to remember. The last tip is to completely relax before you start any of the studying. That is the most important and maybe even the most effective way to not giving up on your work. All of these tips are very useful for studying and can help in a significant way.

Katherine Azanon
Intercoast college, West Covina, CA

Don't give excuses cause you cant study. Put yourself in a quiet place, so you can focus.

Can't wait to try
College Freshman
Crafton Hills, Yucaipa, ca

I found this article very helpful. An environment with too many distractions would have a negative effect on your ability to concentrate. The article describes ideal setting for studying. It stated most students prefer to study at home in their room and I can agree with that. I could see the problem of libraries having distractions, people walking around and, talking.

The article also describes associating items to your subject. I found that to be interesting because it would help your mind recall the topics details. Setting goals would be a good way to increase your confidence in a subject. By reviewing in a set time the recollection of information becomes faster and becomes almost second nature.

Setting a schedule was another tip described in the article. Schedules would help manage your time making it more effective and productive. One important note was not to have any unfinished business looming before you start your study time to avoid being preoccupied, effecting your ability to concentrate.

One thing I found missing in this article was no mention of the actual study environment such as lighting and climate. I figured it would have some mention of comfort would have a major effect on your ability to be focus. In all I found this article very helpful and full of really good ideas that I can't wait to try!

study time
Deborah Pizarro
Intercoast College, Riverside,Ca

When you begin to study make sure you take a specific time of the day to focus on studying. Usually an environment free of distractions and noise will help you to concentrate better. if you find yourself daydreaming try getting up and standing it will help you to stay on track of what you are doing. If you begin to think of other things you have to do just take a time out to jot it down on a note and then get back to what you were studying.

Another way to get you into a studying mode is to have a charm that can only be used during study time such as;a baseball cap a beanie,maybe even a totem. But make sure not to use the charm while you are doing other things that disregard studying.

Megan Hathaway
Intercoast College, Riverside,Ca

I always do my best studying in a quiet or where music is being played loud. It helps me concentrate on what I'm doing.

My Environment
Jerica Shattuck, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, FL

Controlling my enviornment like this would be amazing. but sadly I cant. I have to work around the noise, clutter and then tend to my son on top of it all. Let's just say a mom's work is never done, but surprisingly I have been doing well with keeping up with my school work.

Study Enviroment
Angela Ecker , College Freshman
ultimate medical academy, Tampa, Florida

As a online student I find it important to work in a well lit area, with NO outside noise. I block out time to work when everyone is in other areas of the house. I just started back to school after many years, so I need to focus all my energy. Online schooling is also new to me, so I need to just be with me.

Starting over
Melodie Hamilton, College Freshman
UMA, Tampa, FL

Starting over at my age,over 40(enough said), I know that one of my biggest challenge will be learning how to study. These articles have helped me feel more confident in my ability to succeed as I put them into practice. I have always prided myself on being able to multitask, but I realize that when it comes to studying I can't allow my mind to wander,but will have to pay attention to the task of studying what is in front of me. In other words, force myself to take control of my environment.

I look forward to creating my own study space and using a study symbol to help the learning begin.

love article
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, Florida

I'm glad I found this review, I have learned to take control of my surrounds and focus on the big picture. I block everything out and keep track of school work and get it done.

Focusing on studying
Andrea Marshall, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

A good study environment can make studying manageable. Studying requires focus and concentration. Unfortunately, distractions often present themselves while we attempt to retain information, whether the distraction is a class mate, a noisy cell phone, or something else. With communication and indication these interruptions can be avoided. For example, using a personal possession as an indicator that you're busy studying can be satisfactory. Wearing a hat during personal study sessions will let everyone no that you're focusing,learning and prefer to be left alone. Simply remove the hat when you're finished with you\'re school work.

Also using reminders is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Setting daily reminders in your cell phone will help you reach daily study goals Color coded markers and dividers can also help you stay organized while becoming educated. There are many methods which create a progressive study environment,and each method varies for each student. It's important for every learning person to find theirelement.

good information
Brandi Lanham
Ultimate Medical Acadamy, Tampa, Florida

I think this article and site was very informative and helpful. It goes into great detail about how to set up a comfortable study environment and what to do to be comfortable while studying.


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