Reaching Your Goals

Reaching your goals
Bonnie Prudhomme, College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin ,California

While this contribution was easy to read and understand, it also presented practical help. The ideas were clear and the simple given with each concept amply illustrating the point.

ShannonC, College Freshman
Arizona State University, Beebe,AZ

I think that for someone that doesn't understand what the difference in dreams and goals are this is a great article.

Goals and Objectives
Kayse H., College Freshman
ASU Beebe, Beebe, Arkansas

I think that this article is very good in distinguishing the difference between goals and objectives. It also gives you good advice on how to sit down and make a list of goals and a good approach to follow through with them.

to output our personal things
Dianna, College Sophomore
Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, California

There are many different ways to be prepared on a test, writing papers, and working on projects.

One way to prepare for a test --you have to sleep and eat good. Also, try not to be in a rush or late to class because that's where you start to panic. Being late to class can show people that we are not organized and that would affect us. Next, one day before the test, review all your notes and study for the next day to be prepared and organize. That's why it is a good thing to take notes even though you know or you think you know and you don't. For instance, if you have to write out a essay or paragraph, do a stormbrain to help you organize your paper. Furthermore working on a project would be helpful if you work with partners. Gathering up together can help you and your partner come up with ideas that both did not know. This is a good way to know how prepared you are in your skills.

Reaching your goals
intercoast college, West Covina, CA

They mean that there are differancs between goals and dreams,. A dream may or may not come true and with a goal you push yourself to do it so you can accomplish it. Then it will no longer be just a dream to you, but it will be goal for you to say you did it.

Reaching your goals
Rob Villafana, College Freshman
Crafton Hills, Yucaipa Ca

I like how it broke everything down in sections to help me understand what they are really talking about. It just makes it easier. It breaks it down into all the important points for you, instead of you going through the whole section and trying to find the important details. It told you what to do make your dreams first then set your goals then it tells you how to go out and get your goals.

my goals 2011
College Freshman
University of West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago

I want to be ahead of time and do assignments before the due dates so I can aim at perfect scores.

KENYA HOPPER, College Freshman

My way of reaching my goals is always staying focused. I'm going to reach my goals by pushing and staying dedicated to my work. Staying in good spirits and also staying positive.I have a good mind set on how to reach my goals. My favorite one is staying FOCUS and PUSH!!!!

Celebrate finishing goals
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

As most people know, having a dream can sometimes come true but not most of the time. To set a goal that is something that you can push yourself through. Need to stay motivated and focused on the goal you have chosen. Don't let others give you negative feed back. Need to keep your chin up and move forward with a positive outlook.

Once you have met your goals ,you can look back and say to yourself I DID IT!!! and say with a smile.:-)

Reaching for the stars
Lashell Nelson, College Freshman
Ultimate medical academy, Tampa, Fl

When trying to advance in my career it is very important that I set goals.Put your goals out on paper.That would be a contract for most people for others it may be a collage or magazine. But for me it would have to be in writing. And never quit. Setbacks and pitfalls are bound to occur but you gave to be strong. Just get up dust yourself off and learn from the experience and move forward.


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