Overcoming Test Anxiety

Exam anxiety
Tara Butler, College Freshman
Austin Commuinty Collge, Round Rock ,TX

This section helps me a lot with my anxiety for exams. Sometimes when it comes to exams i just stress a lot, because they are worth so much of the final grade. This section has a lot of different strategies that would be helpful to me.

Helpful Advice
Crafton Hills College, California

Thank you. I found some really helpful advice here. I have never noticed how hurtful talking with other students, that have a negative outlook on the test, before the test could be; but after reading it here I can see how it can make my outlook on the test negative as well. I do rush through tests without reading the questions carefully, and that is usually where I make the most mistakes. I notice that I do tend to panic when I see students turn in their papers before I am finished; there is no reward for finishing first, is there?

Excellent Advice
Debbie Litterello, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

This was such a great read. I learned al ot about myself and the bad habits I have acquired. If I could pin point a few ideas that encouraged me they were to relax, take deep breaths, and approach a test as a test and not a life changing ordeal.

I'm Overcoming My Test Anxiety!
Ultimate Medical Academy , Tampa, Florida

Reading this article showed that all I need to do is stay calm, breathe, and go with the flow. What I study will always be on the test, so having confidence will help me not have anxiety anymore.

Great Source
Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

I like the way how there's snippets of little examples of overcoming testing anxiety. I can easily understand, write, and re-write notes on this website. I want to make a book out of these notes.

Overcoming Test Anxiety Review
Gabriel Grecny, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This article helps gives information on how to overcome, prevent and lessen any test anxiety. The article separates this information into a Before, During, and After sections, with their own bullet points as well as some Relaxation techniques and other, more general tips spread around.

This was a quite informative and easily-digestible webpage, that while having a lot of somewhat generic but still helpful advice such as "Be prepared!" it also had quite a lot less-common advice and some tips based off of science, such as exercise strengthening the mind and what kinds of food you should eat before the test. I also liked how with most bolded pieces of advice it would go on to explain them a bit more and give some specifics. I could have definitely used some of those relaxation techniques they mentioned today; I got so hung up on not knowing so many questions despite a large amount of study time that my brain pretty much stopped working due to stress.


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How to Study Model

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