Jung Typology Test

hmmm interesting
Ranken Tech, Saint Louis, MO

This was an interesting survey, but a bit long and the questions were somewhat confusing .

Highly recommend
Jennifer Bean, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,Oregon

The Jung Typology test, I feel was really accurate for me it describes my personality traits exactly, as well as describing how I act and think in certain situations. I do feel that at 72 questions it is a little long and some of the questions can be confusing but in the end I really highly recommend taking the time to do it. At the end it even gives you career suggestions and the profession that I am going to school for is listed.

Emotional intelligence
Douglas Shearer, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I took this test and found some disagreement with the results even though I tried to be as honest as possible. It is going to make me reflect more on how I feel in relation to how I learn. I always feel that analytically reflection is a good thing especially when it administers change in a positive way.

Personality Type
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This was an interesting test on personality types. I think the 64 questions was long enough to gain an accurate assessment of my personality. I did find some of the questions confusing. I enjoyed reading about my results and agree with the assessment of my personality.

Seemingly accurate and includes career goals!
Susie Jordan
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I chose the Jung Typology Test this week to assess my learning style as it relates to my personality type. I have previously taken similar tests to assess my personality type, but never has it given me any insights as to how I learn. I appreciated the section that listed what improves my learning, as well as what hinders it. While this is never something that I delved into, I found the statements to be spot on.

By answering 64 questions based on personality type theory, I was able to explore a list of career choices, learning styles, and communication skills. It was nice to see that my career goals are fairly in line with my personality type. I intend to do more research armed with my new understanding of how I learn and communicate with others.

Learning Styles Website Review
Shannan Hoxsie , College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

This personality test is based on Carl Jungā??s and Isabel Briggs Myers personality type theory, and helps to reveal self development tools, potential career choices and strengths specific to your characteristics and type of personality. I completed this test which consisted of 72 multiple choice questions. The material was easy to read and the questions were thorough and well written.

The results of this survey revealed I was type INFJ. After reading the traits of this type of personality, I agree that I fall under this category. For example, this type of personality is generally more introverted and have few personal friends that they open up too. I'm more on the quiet side but also find myself pondering about humanity and other cultures,so I'm outspoken in regards to those subjects.

This website was helpful to me and very informative about different types of people and personalities. It was a successful tool in helping me understand how I can communicate with more effectively with others and become more successful in my world, school, and personal life.


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