Multiple Intelligences Inventory

Great Fun!
Ranken tech, saint louis

this was an enjoyable survey: very easy to understand & take.

harab jocaba
Texas, austin, tx

This is a really fun activity. Totally recommend it.

Review for Multiple Intelligences Inventory
Sabrena Gneiting, Grad
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska

Wow! I didn't realize intelligence was categorized. This is pretty cool. I found this survey to accurately reflect my passions and weaknesses. I was impressed by how well my life experiences were reflected in this survey as a middle-aged person. One of my strongest assets is interpersonal strength. I already knew this from dealing with life.

When taking a survey like this, it puts it into perspective and forces you to re-examine your life. As you grow and gain more life experiences the more well rounded you become and discover strengths you have. The survey also encourages you to strengthen your weaknesses.

The weaknesses I identified with aren't necessarily something that I may pursue to strengthen. For example, scoring low on musical strength, doesn't mean that I don't appreciate music, arts, or talent; it just means that I am not strongly suited in that area. I spent three years of my life trying to learn an instrument.

I think this survey would be a good recommendation for somebody who might be trying to discover some of their talents.

Multiple Intelligence Inventory
Maria Garcia, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

I see myself more of a logical strength. I am more of a neater person. I sometimes do get upset when there are messes or when I don't have directions that are not step by step. I have always been that way since middle school. It just help me understand and be more relaxed before starting a new assignment or chore.

I think that this survey helps a person understand better who they are and how they are really when it comes to important things that many people do. I really like this method. I just did the survey on myself. I am also kinesthetic and verbal. I learn more by on hands as well and I am one of those people if we work in a team I always finish my part of the work as well.

Didn't know this
Kristine Phinney, College Junior
Ultimate Medical Academy, Florida

I never knew there are 8 intelligences. My strongest are logical and interpersonal. With verbal and intra personal coming in next. This helps me to understand who I am as a student and all around individual. I would highly recommended this inventory be taken by everyone periodically as likes and dislikes may change over years.

Accurate MI Survey
College Freshman
ChemeketaCommunity College, Salem

I took this survey twice, on two separate days when I was in different moods. I did this just to test for myself the accuracy of this survey in pointing out my Multiple Intelligences.

I was not surprised by the results, or the accuracy, but rather impressed that it pretty much nailed my personality.

I will use this information to find different ways of studying that will promote my success. This will also be great information for building, strengthening and understanding my personal relationships with friends and family.

Multiple Intelligence Inventory
Rheannon Drain
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This website is designed to give you a bit of a snapshot of what your intelligence types are; your strengths and weaknesses.

You fill out the questionnaire, then find the key at the bottom of the page, to what your percentages are for each intelligence type. When you fill out the questionnaire, you either put a zero or a one, depending on your feelings on the question.

Once you complete the questionnaire and find your percentages, there are links you can click on to learn more about each intelligence. I found it to be a very good website. I feel it would have been preferable if they had a 3 choice scale for answers instead of simple yes or no, aka, one or zero. It would also be nice if they would set up the website to automatically make a graph, instead of making you fill it out yourself. Other than those two things, I was impressed with the website and would recommend it to others.


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