Overcoming Procrastination

Every Student's Hassle
Andrew Maddox, College Sophomore
Sierra College, California

Busy work is one of the biggest dreads of being in school. Usually, we would all rather do pleasurable activities than sit down and do our homework. Procrastination is a problem that every student faces one time or another, and often denial is the first obstacle that must be overcome.

This article not only provides advice to treat procrastination, but also identifies behaviors that indicate that procrastination is happening. Many procrastinators don't even realize that their actions could in fact be procrastination. Looking through this article, you realize that many innocent acts are actually procrastination in disguise. I could relate with many of these indicators from my own past. Once you realize the problem, then it can be solved.

The advice for treatment is helpful and logical. I have applied the advice and I have seen results. Procrastination is a prevalent and real issue, but it can be overcome.

Fear in Procrastination
Loretta Davis, College Junior
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

The emotional approach of this resource is very helpful. It addresses the self-management process to deal with the underlying fear of the learning process that freezes procrastinators, causing failure. Clearly facing the emotional pain in procrastination takes some of the paralyzing power away from it. The self-examination questions are very helpful.

Reviewing your habits
Emilio, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Riverside, Texas

Do not mistake strategic delay with procrastination. If you are good with time management you know what I mean when I mention “strategic delay”. If however, you are not managing your time appropriately you may lack and need to develop time management skills. Your procrastination problems may still persist even with the application of your new time management skills. This article helps you identify some reasons why, even with good time management skills, you may be procrastinating.

We all have our own way of procrastinating. The Procrastination Takes Many Forms section of this article helps you realize how you may be manifesting your procrastination. I can identify with the 2nd form listed. Many of us tend to underestimate the time needed to complete a certain task. Thankfully there are solutions listed in this article that can help you fight your procrastination tendencies.

Laid Out Well
Arielle Brown, HS Senior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This file was laid out in an organized form that made reading it orderly and less overwhelming (also a reason for procrastination). While many of the other sites contained the same information, the wording was more precise and gave meaningful examples and reasons. Making the information easier to read meant that I got more out of the material and really read it rather than just skimming it.

Week 3 review
Maria Monson, College Sophomore
Chemeketa community college, Salem, Oregon

This article itself was straight forward and not messy, and was right to the point and not overwhelming with information. The identifiers showed you what procrastination is and how to stop being a procrastinator. There are little things you may not realize that is procrastination and the article shows how to prevent yourself from being a procrastinator. Basically this article helps you by going through steps from being a procrastinator.

Printable Wisdom
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

My favorite part of this resource is that it's printable. I plan to print and highlight the tips I like best, and hang it up in front of my desk or put it in my binder as a constant reminder of how to combat chronic procrastination! The tips given are solid ways to fight procrastination-I especially liked the advice to segment the task A big reason why I procrastinate is because I get overwhelmed with everything I have to do, so breaking it up into manageable segments should be super effective for me.


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