Time Management Quiz

Good Starting Point but Doesn't Tell Whole Story
Ben Kellie, College Senior
University of Alaska - Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK

I think that this calculator is a good starting point to diagnose one's time management skills, however I don't think that it tells the whole story.

Having a job that goes over 10 hours a week is mentioned and, I'm sure, is considered a detriment. However, in my case this cannot be avoided because I have to work 20 hours each week to meet my monthly tuition payment. I have found ways of coping as a student that keep me successful.

There are a few other things (such as major, credit load and year in school) that could heavily impact one's time management skills. That is why I believe that, while being a good starting point, this tool is not comprehensive enough to give truly meaningful results.

Time Management Quiz
Sarah Messinger, Grad
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK

I was excited to see what new information this quiz would provide to me about how time can be utilized more efficiently. However, the quiz just tells the participant that if the score is low, they need to manage time more wisely. This doesn't really tell too much. The next few pages after the quiz, however, do give tips on how to manage time.

One idea that I thought would be especially helpful is the idea of each day changing the study plan, but staying in the same spot each day as well as completing the most difficult tasks first.

I really liked the page entitled "Where does time Go?" On this page, it calculates how many hours are dedicated to other activities besides studying and then gives you an idea of how many hours are left for studying. I thought it was interesting how little time is left. So it is important to use that time wisely. I think this activity would be beneficial to other students who are struggling with time management.

I like it
Amanda Ortega
Intercost, West Covina, Ca

I liked the quiz they have. It's not too long and it is straight to the point.

time management
Daniel Templin, HS Junior
Intercoast College, West Covina, Ca

I think this was very inacurate. after finishing the quiz, it said i should have 92 hours in the week for studying. WHO ON EARTH STUDIES FOR THAT MUCH TIME?!?! Yes, it is important to study and manage your time, but damn!

Time Management
Geraldine Escalera
InterCoast College, West Covina, CA

I learned that by taking these quizzes I need to manage my time much better and try to study more.

Excellent Advice!
Cory Hansen
CCC, Salem,Oregon

While I rated 6 overall after the quiz--I'm not worried. There are a ton of great points in this discussion and I found it very interesting. Big picture is set goals and hold yourself accountable to meet timelines but managing your day on a strict timeline. Me being a stay at home father its really hard to stick to a perfect schedule, but I work around my daughters schedule and so far so good.

Patricia Oliver, College Junior
Ca?ada College, Redwood City, CA

This handout was quite resourceful. I took the Time Management Quiz as well as the Time Assessment Quiz and it is evident that I need to strengthen my time management skills. Some of the strategies listed includes creating a daily and weekly schedule and updating that schedule on regular basis, assessing how to spend your time, goal setting, and how to prioritize!

Time Management reduces stress level and give you flexibility for pleasurable activities.

time mmanagement
kathy hudgin, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa,Florida

I found this subject to be very helpful. Since i work 40+ hours a week I am having a rather difficult time studying. But i now feel that if I spend a couple hours a day when i get home from work that I will be successful.

Brittany Bell, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I was very excited to read this article. It was very straight forward and to the point. It is very helpful with giving you ways to learn how to manage time. However, it does not include how to manage time when you have a child. I would really like to see an article that is helpful to everyone. Being on a schedule is hard when you are trying to work around feedings, nap time and a fussy baby.

Quiz - just a begining
Katie McGann, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Dallas, Oregon

I think that this is a great start to figure out what you need to work on when it comes to studying and priorities. But that's it, just a good start. I think that it tells you some changes you need to make, but it needs to go into depth on how you can make some of those changes that need to be made.

Time management quiz
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem OR

Being an older first time student, the quiz offered valuable information and insight into the changes I need to make to become successful on this new journey.

Map it out
Chemketa Community College, Ssalem, Oregon

Finding out, I scored a 4 out of 10 in my time management skills really opened up my eyes. I need to use my time more effectively and find a way around my kids and job. I usually study at night which is when I have little to no distractions, guess that has to change up a bit. i would most likely benefit from a daily planner. It would help me out map out the things I need to do.


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