Time Management Video

Time Management video
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I watched the Time Management video to see if they had ideas to keep me on track that I might not have thought of on my own. I am glad that I watched it as it gave me a few ideas to try as far as writing down things such as goals and not just schedules.

Time And Management Video
Lula Woods, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater Florida

This video was very interesting. It gave me some good pointers on how to use my time effectively, especially where I was having a problem in thinking if I could get my schedule right to fit my classes in between working these two jobs. Due to having such a hectic,and busy schedule, it really gave me some good ideas how to do this and where it will work out for me.

Time Management
Dalena Saunders, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Being a single mother with two children, working a full time job and going to school as a part time student, time management is crucial for me to have. I watched the Time Management video clip by Dartmouth College and like several of the other sites, they strongly recommend using a term/monthly/weekly/daily calendar or schedule. I can honestly say that after my first year as a student, I have done what several in the video recommend; that is on day one of my new term, I sit down with my course syllabus and schedule out all the assignments, exams, and special projects are due for the term. I will even color code my calendar based on my classes. The one thing I learn from the video is the importance of scheduling my exercise and leisure activities. I often forget to do this because I'm so consumed with my work/school schedule and the sports/school schedule for my two boys so I'm going to try it this term.

Spending time to manage time
Mckayla Marchand, College Freshman
Chemeketa community college, Salem, Oregon

This video clearly acted out the reality of managing time for academic success. Hearing real students and professionals speak of different ways they planned their time helped me weigh my options in my weekly schedule. Different ways of planning time was: making lists, having a weekly planner and listing important dates and times from your teachers syllabus to your planner. The video also clearly explained college students needs that should also be a priority such as: breakfast, personal time, exercise and sleep. It's best to do problem solving work in the day and reviewing/reading in the night before bed as well.

Not only does this video talk about time management but also explains goals and how to plan for them. Goals are supposed to be challenging but not so much that you fail them! Overall I thought this video was superb. Although this video helps you to not waste your time, watching it was worth it.


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