Planning Ahead
College Freshman
St.Pete College, St.Pete FL

I Think planning ahead is very important, because you"ll make sure everything is on time.

Time management
Melissa, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Round Rock, Texas

Planning is a useful time management, because it helps me organized my thoughts. I use the four planning tools that help me with thinking strategies that go along with each one. The monthly planner, a weekly objectives list, a weekly planner and a time log. These strategies help me with time management to reduce the level of stress.

Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

This website offers some useful advice on planning a schedule so students can manage their time better. It covers the monthly planner, weekly objectives lists, and weekly planners. I learned that my current use of monthly planners is rather lacking in that they could be used to show more. For example, I would use it to show when an exam is but not use it to track the prep work for the exam.

Emelia Yanez, College Sophomore
UMA , United States

I am really needing to start some of the Planning exercises described in the lesson.. Not only just weekly schedule, but a daily schedule.

Planning review
Yesenia acevedo , HS Freshman
Chemeketa community college , Salem, OR

I found this article very interesting and like how it makes time management sound a bit more realistic by explaining perfection is not necessary. Instead it offers a wide range of helpful tools one can incorporate in their lifes. I especially like the strategies given to do so. As well as making monthly and daily schedules, much like chapter 3. I will definately use this articles helpful advice to avoid procrastination in order meet deadlines productively.

Student Success
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

Maureen Eck Chemeketa Community College Effective Learning SSP112 Module 2: Web Site Review Planning

Student Success York University wrote University Time Management. This article houses a multitude of segments. One segment in the article is referred to as Planning. The Planning section introduces four planning tools consisting of the Monthly Planner, the Weekly Objectives, the Weekly Planner, and a Time Log. The Monthly Planner is a time-bound memory aid which houses important events. The Weekly Objectives List is composed of deconstructed to-do lists with time blocks which will later be inserted into the weekly planner. The Weekly Planner is used for time management which emphasizes focusing on the most important tasks. Lastly, the Time Log links specific tasks to specific times. Strategies that need to be consider while using the planning tools include Time Shifting and Adjusting, Taking Action, and How Much Time is Enough? The article recommends using time wisely by taking advantage of some common pitfalls. Don't procrastinate or delay getting started on a task. Get motivated, even if it is only short burst of time and utilize time to study between classes, in lines and while commuting places. Planning a routine by utilizing the four planning tools will help make goals achievable. This will allow you to focus and become less distracted. You will no longer be governed by decisions that have a tendency to distract from your goal, but by realizing the reasons for accomplishing the things you have planned. This article peaks my interest because of the similarity in alignment with our homework. It uses a calendar as a tool to complete tasks within a time frame with the optimal outcome of a goal in mind. I was surprised the article didn't speak about having a balance between school, work and leisure. Creating a well-balanced plan will allow for effective time management strategies in order to locate a more productive path all while providing less distractions.


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