Improving Your Memory

Klay Symmes, College Freshman
Crafton hills, Yucaipa

This topic, improving your memory, has helped me understand how to better retain information by using their method, the four R's.

This method has to do with the RESOLVE which has to do with the predisposition to remember. For this to work you must focus your attention on what you are learning rather than your attention on yourself trying to stay focused. This helps your brain keep focused on the material. This is the first of the four R's.

The second R is

REACT. This R has to do with reacting to do with what you have learned, either by thinking about it or even talking to yourself or to another person. This also includes writing it down and trying to use what you learned in your practical daily life.

The third R has to do with REFLECT. for this to work you must think deeply about what you have learned. It helps to make comparisons to what you already know. This helps it stay in you memory longer, the more you know about the fact the longer and better you will remember it.

REFRESH is the fourth and final are. To refresh after you learn the material you need to go over it and keep thinning about what you have learned. It helps to look at the book or your notes so you recall it the right way and that you retain the right way also.

This fourth R has to do with the neural traces and information impressions.

Review of Improving Your Memory
Rachel Inman, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

This was helpful to me because it tells you ways you can improve your memory if you easily forget things. * Actively responding to the things you do want to remember. * Thinking about the information you just read and figuring out what you already know about it. * Reviewing the information so you don't forget it.

Improving Memory
Nikki Hoffman
Chemeketa Communty College, Salem Oregon

I really liked the way this study skill for improving memory helps by teaching the four R's of remembering. Resolve , React, Reflect , Refreshare the principles applied here.

Very interesting!
Sarah, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

I enjoyed the "improving you memory" website. It gives you very simple tips and guide lines for improved memory. I like the use of "the four R's\". It makes the tips easy to retain. The first R tip really stood out to me, learning the difference between concentration and intention to remember is a very interesting way of looking at things! It really makes sense!

improving memory
College Freshman
UMA, Florida

Loved this. i have a hard time taking in the information that I read. I get overwhelmed with all that I have to read. but like you say -- take it in, think about it, and refresh it in you head. I also try to write down the things that i think are important or I know that I will forget. This way I can remember them later.

Memory Site Review - Improving Your Memory
Israel Echeverria Cadena, Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Salem, OR

I really enjoyed this website because I learned a few exercises that I can do to improve my memory and use the four R’s to remember. Resolve, react, reflect and refresh, which will help me to improve my retention.

The 4 R's
Amy Yeaple, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

This is an excellent piece on how to memorize information. The Four R\'s of remembering: Resolve, React, Reflect, and Refresh give new insight on the way one can improve their memory and even learning to remember the Four R\'s is a step in the right direction! Great website, great article. A+.

Improving your Memory!!
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Mcminnville, Oregon

This article helped me understand better about memory and how our memory is actually a mental activity where information gets impressed into our nervous systems. It also goes over a couple exercises you can do for fun and shares four steps for remembering. Learning to resolve, react, reflect and refresh my memory will be useful as a college student.

Improving your memory
Dawn Frank
Chemeketa Community College , Salem, OR

I learn about the the four R's of remembering the study material. I have to say my favorite is the refresh since I feel I have to do that often. I like learning new ways of refreshing your mind on study material. I plan on doing the remembering exercise number one. I plan on drawing pictures and making maps since I am a visual learner.

Reference Site:

The four R\'s
Richard Henley, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This article was highly helpful. The four R's will definitely be practiced next week when I go through my psychology! I also never thought about breaking up what I'm trying to remember. Great website will be using in the future.

Good Tips
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This article starts by explaining that having a "poor memory" is just a myth. We don't actually have a place in our brain to store our thoughts and feelings, they just get pressed into our nervous system. It tells us the four R's of remembering, which are; Resolve, React, Reflect, and Refresh.

To Resolve you have to want to know what you're learning and put in the effort to learn. The next step is React, this involves actively responding to what you want to remember by writing things down, or making a picture of what you want to remember. Reflecting is thinking deeply about what you want to remember and comparing what you're learning to what you already know. The last R is Refreshing which is just refreshing your memory right away by going over what you learned. This article also gives you a couple exercises to try this method out.

I believe this method for remembering things is a great way to do it! We often use some of these skills but not all of them together! I will be trying this out for my classes this term!


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