Dealing with Test Anxiety

Dealing with Test Anxiety
eugenie Wood
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,Or

I learned that I liked the site from the University of Alabama because it doesn't add a lot of emphasis to the emotional aspect. Instead it places emphasis on what you can do physically and cognitively, to manage the negative effects of test anxiety.

It focuses on relaxation techniques (find one that works for you), attitude and mental preparedness (positive self-talk), and real proactive studying,not just reading the text and reviewing lecture notes, but using learning strategies for the subject from many aspects.

Reducing Anxiety
Sarah , College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This website has three points to help with test anxiety. These points are Relax, mental preparation, and real studying. Relaxing will help your mind think less about the stress and anxiety and more about what you studied and learned as you read through the test. There is a suggestion on how to relax different muscles at a time to help relieve stress. I will be trying these techniques to help with my text taking.

It also talks about how our emotions or feelings toward something, such as a test, will also have a huge impact. It also suggests doing real studying, set aside time and truly take the time to study your material in advance.

Test Anxiety Website Review
Shannan Hoxsie , College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

The contents of the writing focused on tips for taking exams as well as ways to prepare yourself mentally. Relaxation and exercise were a few techniques that helped me think about preparing for a stressful exam with a different perspective.

I often stress myself out before an important test or project due date. The suggestions in this article are unique and insightful. The author writes about "real studying", comparing the more laid back days of high school academic work, with the more serious, more complex material you encounter in college. Overall the information is useful and very easy to understand.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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