Tactical Motivation Management

Great Explanation
Kay Adkins, Grad
Ozarka College, Arkansas

As a college success instructor, I often hear students comment that "everyone has to study the way that works best for them." There is truth in that statement. But this video will explain what has to happen in a student's studying for it to be effective. There may be more than one way to study, but this video will help students decide if their methods are effective, or not.

Give Yourself Wedges!
Benjamin Hill, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Intimidated and unpleasant emotions. What does that have to do with this site review? For me--a lot. I use to feel very anxious about opening-up an internet class online, or, at times, even going to class; because I was afraid that the work would ruin my fun, or I might have a bad posting, or.........I didn't think I could find the words until I read, and watched, these McMaster University pieces about Tactical Motivation and Procrastination Avoidance. I learned that others do share those somewhat unfounded worries, worries that make things worse, and they are easily manageable. So, if you have them, then read this. Why? Well, for me it was the wedging. I've been inadvertently doing that with coffee and rest breaks for the past year. It gives me a chance to take a breath, and actually relax to the point where I can study in 15-30 minute time-chunks, and then afterwards, occupy myself for 5-10 minutes in between during my study time. I never had any official, or well-thought out plan, or method in relation to wedging, but this site showed me what I had been doing, and how to do it better. As for the intimidation, well, motivation through realizing that in these time-chunks, I have been remembering, and improving test scores by 27%, by being able to read school related materials without associating them with grief-to-be, because of the past studying that I did. I am starting to see how a little bit at a time is so much better than a lot at once; and I use that feeling of avoiding a lot at once to motivate myself to do the wedges, or time chunks, and remember to where I can also process what I have remembered, or truly learned, and keep it-so I don't have to worry about what's upcoming, because I can remember more than just a day's worth of crammed words while doing assignments and taking tests. Thus, making this the best site article I have gone through, so-far.

Benjamin Hill. Chemeketa Community College.

College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This video was short and easy to follow. It explain how to achieve your goal swiftly without too much hassle. It talked about three steps natural motivation, setting a reward and making it a habit. The video also mentioned how if you follow these steps that you might end up having a "flow" on achieving your goal and without it feeling like a chore.

I noticed after watching the video that I do use some of these tactics in my everyday life. For example, I'll motivated my to study and when I done with my studying I reward myself by getting myself Dutch Bros. or watch my favorite show.

Relatable info
James Bovee
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

Tactical Motivation Management is a relatively short video, but it covers several strategies in its short span. Its primary message is to let you the viewer know about common distractions and setbacks in studying and choose effective habits to succeed. The speaker showed how easy it is to fall into poor habits and explored steps to tie your motivations to good habits instead.

While I found the three step approach and straightforward explanations to be helpful, I found the low sound quality of the video to be distracting. I was interested to learn that in your second year (and even more-so surprised) and your second to last year you are more likely to experience motivation issues.

I particularly found the strategy of turning your workflow into a habit so you can slip into it without being swayed by your feelings particularly intriguing, since it fits in with my own strategies quite well. As he says in the video "You can control your thoughts but not your feelings"

If you would like to watch the video you can find it at

Tactical Motivation Management
Lea Hawkins, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Oregon

This was a great video on motivation. I learned that habits are extremely powerful in our lives and can move us sometimes unknowingly in one direction or another so be present.

Another thing that I learned is that reminding myself that I don't have control over my feelings but I do have control over my study and get my homework done is very important to my productivity.

I also learned that if my study space is used for more than just studying, that can disrupt my actual ability to study in that space.

The most interesting this I learned from this video without a doubt is the information on contaminating your study space and how that effects actually studying.

Another interesting thing I learned from this video was what the "flow" state is and that if I practice good habits academically then the flow of school and homework will be more evident.

One question I was left with would be what is the best most effective study area for college students?


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