A Guide for Time Management

Time Management
Andranik Grigoryan, College Freshman
Glendale Community College, Glendale CA

To be able to manage your time wisely, you have to estimate how many hours you will need to study each week. You have to study during your most productive hours in the day, which vary from person to person. Also you have to have specific goals set for each study period, and most important you can't let social activites interfere with your study time.

How to study
angela young, College Freshman
Umtimate Medical Acadamy, Tampa,Flordia

I learned that by doing different ways of studying: by going to a room with no tv, leaving my phone in the living room away from everyone. it is easier to study and learn and to tell friends" NO" if you have school work to do.

Time Management
Jessica Boone
Chemeketa Community College, Yamhill Valley, Oregon

I feel A Guide for Time Management is a must! Especially if you are one to be very cluttered or just simply trying to find out how to start your day and how you will complete your tasks. There are many ideas that fit everyone and one that will most fit you.

I found that segment day planning is best for me, because i feel different or energetic at different parts of my day and it tells you how to apply that to your list. This program will help you stay on track and teach you ways to avoid procrastination.

A Guide to Time Management, Creating a Master Plan
Cynthia Brewington Jones, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy , Orlando, Florida

In order to make a Master Plan the first step is to realize how much overtime I have. I must plan time for other activities that are just as important as the study time. I have to have balance in my schedule.

Writing out all activities and making a draft or chart for the time will give me a real picture of the entire day or week. This exercise helped me to see how important it is that I cover all areas so that I do not give too much or too little time to the most pressing activity. As I block the time out it will help me to focus in on those that are most important but at the same time covering all areas in my day or week of priorities. The Master Plan is very important to use in the use of Time Management.

Time Management
Courtney Lester
Ultimate Medical Academy, clearwater,Fl.

I have found that mornings is best time for me to study. Thats my me time when no ones around, no phone,tv, and nothing going on with friends. As my day goes on it gets busy and sometimes quite disturbing. So therefor i stick to morning time.

Time Management
Ashlynn Lieker, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa,Florida

I have learned that at lunch and after the kids go to bed is the best time for me to study. I'm more relaxed at the end of the day and more alert then I would be in the morning. I like to study for a couple of hours, do some homework and then go to bed.

A guide for Time Management
Chemeketa, Salem, OR

I find that the best time for me to study is in the morning after everyone leaves for the day. The house is quiet, I turn off my phone, the television is off and it allows me to fully concentrate. The idea of breaking up your time is great. Don't force yourself to get all the reading done at once.

Really helpful tips and stratagies
Jennifer Bean, College Freshman
Chemeketa community college, Salem, Oregon

This site has a lot of really great tips and strategies for getting organized and staying on track during your course of studies. I especially like all the ideas to help against procrastination. I know I will be suggesting this site to other students.

Very useful website!
Kassandra Alvarez, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I really enjoyed this website because as someone who has a very hard time with their time management. This website took me step by step through the things I need to do to better set myself up for success. It even listed many reasons why people have issues with their time management, and I could relate to most of them. This is definitely a website I will refer to often.

Time Mangement
Teontrae Davis, HS Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

Well I'm a husband and a father of two boys. Good times for me to do anything is when my boys are sleep during the night or day. Also when I'm alone, that's when I can get all my work done.

Time Management
Tiffany M Hernandez
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL

I'm a mother of a one year old. managing time is very difficult but in order to get things done i have to write out a schedule of my day. Mornings and nights is when i get most of my work done because my son is sleeping, but I also try to squeeze some work in when he's napping around noon time. Everybody's situation is different. Some people get distracted easily so they have to be in an environment where its quiet and there's no TV or cell phone around. Try to manage your time wisely there's different ways to do so you just have to find a schedule that's right for you. Set goals if you have to.

Time Managment
Rebecca Britt
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa Florida

I am a mother of two kids. I have a five year old and a eight month old. So finding time for me is a challenge. Even with a job it is tough. For me making time through out the day works best for me. Like while they are napping or playing in another room. Making time seems hard ,but if you can set that as your goal for a day it will get better for you.

Utilize Your Most Quiet Time of Day
Ultimate Medical Academy, Florida

I find that being a parent to a busy 9 month old, that I have to really utilize my quietest time of the day. For that time would be mornings while my son is asleep; although it is very tempting to stay in bed and get more sleep while I can. I have been able to get more studying and work done with no interruptions.

It also helps with that feeling of guilt, because I take care of my school needs in the morning which leaves me with the remainder for the day to devote to him.

Timely Manner
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, FL

I manage my time accordingly. I have a job, plus I am a mother, and I am going back to school. I make time to log in in the morning times once I drop my kids off at school. I normally works the third shift, so I have between 8 and 4 to complete assignments, discussions and study. I am also off two days a week, so I can do work and study during those two days too.

Great time Mangement
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Yamhill Valley, OR

I'm so excited to have found a website that I can rely on to get all my time management resources. A Guide for Time Management. This website will help you with goal setting, making a task list, coping with concentration, burnout and multiple deadlines and many more!This website will help you learn everything you need to know about going about creating a plan for yourself and staying on task. A must have for anybody!

Guide to Time management
Michael Pace, College Sophomore
Chemeketa community College, Oregon

A guide to time management was a great website. It had an easy to use interface and a great breakdown of the stages of time management,which included staying on track which I struggle with, because often times I am deep in homework when I decide to look up something irrelevant just because my computer is out.

Not to mention procrastinating, which I do often for half an hour to an hour and half before I really need to get something done. I am a last minute kind of personality, and even with my best effort I find myself starting assignments only a day or two in advance even when I knew about for weeks or months. So this site speaks volumes to me as someone who is perpetually busy and easily distracted.

Time Management Review
Jacob Munoz, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem. OR

I found this website to be the most helpful due to the fact it had the most unheard of tips, but at the same time relatively common to relate to. That being said, the website was the most professional in my personal opinion, also with the sections all neatly laid out on the page it was easier to find what I was looking for right away, when compared to the others listed. Overall I would suggest this website picked to anybody.

A help site
Brandon Brown, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This site was helpful because it explains a process that involves soul searching to come up with what I want to do and what I will need to do to earn an education, i.e. setting goals and avoiding procrastination.

Very helpful
Dawn Frank, HS Freshman
Chemeketa community college , Salem OR

I feel this site was very helpful. I like how the site was broken down into different sections. I enjoyed the fact that each section had something helpful to take with me.

I enjoyed the part about breaking down your task and giving yourself breaks since I can't focus for too long, before I lose the information I am trying to remember. This is a Must read if your a college student.

Time Management
Itzel Gonzalez
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Time management is something that most students need. I learned that by staying in a room with no TV and no cellphone can really help. Also by setting goals about what you need to study and also setting a specific time for each of the classes you have. That when you are studying you need to have some breaks and you need to ask yourself some questions about what you where studying.

Time management techniques
Ashley Miller, College Sophomore
Chemeketa community college, Salem, Oregon

I found this website to be very helpful with different techniques to try for managing time. I especially found one technique that deals with managing study time for information heavy courses like Biology that deals with a lot of memorizing material over the entire term. I would suggest students to use this as a resource to help them find the best or most efficient way to study to help them use their time wisely, instead of studying in a way that is not helping them with the course and wasting their time.

Time Management
Michelle Beresford, Grad
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I read the article and I am very delighted for the knowledge and the information I have gained thus far. It is so easy to put off and slip back into your old routine. This article reminds me topush myself daily to do better and succeed in my academic and personal endeavors.

I have a 17year old son and because I am also taking this course online, he is motivated about his school work. I'm glad that we are both striving for success.

Time management
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community Community , Salem, Oregon

As a mother and first time college student it's been difficult to find a way to balance my time. I get a little overwhelmed with all the homework and studying that needs to be done. What needs done first? When is this assignment due? etc. Making a time line/study schedule helps tremendously. You will start to see the big picture , instead of a bunch of little fragments. It will help your mind slow down and create great success.

Review on Time Management
Felicia Gillock, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I fell in love with this website immediately. I am horrible at time management and the website provides steps on how to get better, pretty much at your finger tips. It's not a difficult website and it gets straight to the point. It has links that you can click on: Planning your time, Staying on track and Controlling procrastination. I for one am very good at procrastinating and wait until the last minute to get my work done. I'm happy I found a website that will teach me to better myself.

How Easy to fix Time Management Issues
College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This website was the one I connected with the most. It was easy to navigate and the information was actually useful and helpful!

The information is broken into 4 subjects: 1. Before You Begin ? It starts if by listing issues of people who struggle with time management and asks if you relate to any of the scenarios. ? Has an impressive introduction about time management and explains how and why change is possible when you put your mind to it 2. Planning Your Time ? Includes information about heavy courses and course deadlines ?Helps with setting goals both short term and long and provides information to manage these goals ?Talks about" flex" time which is the time during the day you set aside to get certain tasks done. It helps you stay on schedule. 3. Staying on Track ? Includes information about dealing with distractions and issues with concentration ? Talks about the fact that taking breaks and having fun time will help you stay calm and under control when managing your time ? Tips for using your weekdays and weekend the most efficiently ? Tips for playing catch up when you fall behind 4. Controlling Procrastination ? Provides "Band-Aidā? solutions to procrastination (short term fixes) ? Includes helpful information about how to just get started and do it rather than putting things off. ? It also includes different effective procrastination examples Overall I really found a lot of these tips and information useful and helpful. It explains why we struggle with time management and how easy it can be to fix these issues in life. I would absolutely recommend with website for anyone struggling to find a way to stay committed to getting things done or who just struggle with planning their time throughout the week. No matter how much you struggle with these issues, this website will provide the information you need to take back control.

Finding Time
Annette Gutierrez, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

If this is what you really want to do in life and if you have your mind set on it, You should always have time for it. I usually go out and work, but this is something I want to really do for my career so I always find time to get my assignments done and have time to study. In the long run when you are all done with school it'll all be worth it.

College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR.

I'm very thankful to the University of Guelph for publishing this. I learned so much on how to combat my own procrastination by setting limits on myself when it comes to external distractions. I learned the most from the "Controlling Procrastination" slides where it discussed perfectionism which really hit home. The slides helped me recognize an issue that I deal with and provided tips on how to reverse my bad habit. This is an amazing resource that I loved reading through-and-through.

A Guide for Time Management, Getting started: Just Do It
ulyana Ermolenko
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

A Guide for Time Management, Getting started: Just Do It

I really enjoyed this website it has great tips and strategies how to be organized and to be on track of everything. It's really important to be successful in college and achieve goals. However, if you don't know how to manage your time wisely you won't be successful. We all understand how important it is to be organized and turn assignments and homework on time to get good grades and be successful. The difficult part of completing a task is just getting started on it. You might have everything written down in your planner and have a perfect plan for the term, but there are little things that keep you away from starting. Like, it's important to become aware of any rules you might have developed. Also, setting a goal every week you want to accomplish and do a reality check on your goals and expectations for what you can accomplish.

I have a really busy schedule so for me it's often hard to manage the time, to see how long it will take me to finish an assignment. I usually do my homework after work in the evenings and study between the classes. Also, when I'm home alone and it's super quiet I concentrate better and usually get everything done.


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