Quick Scoring Achievement Motivation Quiz

College Freshman
Arizona State University, Beebe,AZ

I liked this test. It helped me to see on paper that I'm on the right track. Even at a late age. It's never too late to set goals and dreams and try to achieve them. Recommend this quiz to others who may be questioning why am I doing this again.

Arkansas State University Beebe, Beebe AR

This is a great test! It really helped me to see that I am on the way to success. Provided that you answer the questions honestly. This was very encouraging!

Motivation Quiz
College Freshman
ASU, Beebe,AR

I liked this test. It helped me to see on paper that I'm on the right path. It's never to late to set goals. I recommend this test to others.

Making Achievement Enjoyable
Rita Miller, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I tend to work too hard at times, not taking breaks, skipping lunch, etc. This module made me realize that achieving goals could not only provide attainment of long-term goals, but I could also enjoy each milestone by putting simple rewards in place.

Ricardo, College Sophomore
Canada College, Redwood City, Ca

I've never been very motivated to do anything. The goals I usually achieve are because I found them easy to do. Even in advanced classes sometimes I would get good grades without trying. This changed as what little interest I had during the course faded. As started turning into low Bs, had I the chance to come across a insightful guide like this one, things would've been quite different. I have learned that motivation is incredibly important not only for studies but also at work.

Quick and Easy
HS Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Having scored an eight on this quick and easy five-question quiz, I registered as a person of moderate motivation. Given my general feeling about myself and looking at how I normally act, I would make the claim that the outcome of the quiz is fairly accurate. Scoring a zero might be the trigger that one needs to motivate oneself to become a motivated person.

My online issue with this website is the use of the term "Blue-chip" (as in "Blue-chip mindset" or "blue-chip material") without a definition for such a term.

Trish Williams
Trisha Williams, Salem, Oregon

You're on the way, but watch out - success can be addictive.!!

That quiz was like getting a great fortune cookie. I think I'm pretty focused and determined to finish goals i have set for myself. I make sure my goals are challenging enough that i stay focused yet not to challenging to where i give up. This was a positive quiz with positive feedback, I liked it.

Whats your score?- Review
Maribel Barocio
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

The quiz created by the University of Minnesota gives students their motivation score. With five simple questions students are able to see how motivated they are. This quiz is great because it gives students the chance to change areas that they are low in. The quiz can ultimately change what a student is doing and make their choices better.

Motivation Quiz
Gabby , College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Ashland, OH

I think that this a great quiz and it showed me that I am really on the right track. Although, I am aware that I have a few flaws I know exactly what I need to do reach my greatest potential and reach my goals.

Motivation Quiz
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL

I really enjoyed this quiz. I thought it was very encouraging! It really tested out how well I am determined and motivated in reaching towards a successful life and getting the education I need.

Motivation Quiz Blue Chip Material
Tara Brock, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I personally found this quiz to be quite interesting, based on the results my score says that I have the ability to turn my dreams into a reality. I believe this very much to be true because one of my favorite beliefs in life is:you can always do anything you put your mind too.

We control who we are, what we do and where we go. The only people that don\'t fulfill their dreams are the ones who never attempt to pursue them.

Just a thought and a great inspiration to myself ;I will do my best to achieve my goals and dreams in life.If I do not achieve my goal, I will have at least been on the path to completion.

Motivation Quiz
Gabrielle Ralls, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

I completed the quiz with a score of 8, I feel like that accurately depicts my motivation at the moment. After taking this quiz it actually motivated me to set more goals and increase my level of motivation.

I'll probably take this quiz again in 3 months and see if my score changes at all. Overall this was a good, motivational website.

Give it a try!
Kristy Phillips, College Freshman
CCC, Salem, OR

Wow this quiz was short but informative. My results were an 8. That was pretty much what I expected. I'm on the right path but it would not be hard to lose my motivation, so I have to be very careful. I know in the past if I feel overwhelmed I have a habit of putting off school work for a day or two and then have to work extra hard to play catch up. This quiz was short and quick. I suggest you give it a try!

Mrs. Gilley this review still would not submit. It is redirecting me to a spam site when I try to submit the review online through I found this quiz under the link Learning styles and then the article and quiz Motivation and Concentration.

Useful to Know
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This quick and easy quiz is a fantastic way to get a general understanding of where you are in terms of motivation levels. Actually asking myself these questions helped me to realize that I'm more motivated than I realized, and I already show some habits that will help me to achieve my goals. It also confirmed my belief that I can improve my motivation. The questions themselves are guideposts for doing so, such as "I set daily, weekly and quarterly goals which will advance me toward my long-term goals".

Easy Reading Motivation Quiz
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This quiz is short, sweet, and to the point and that's what I like best about it. The quiz had me interacting with a pen and some paper as I jotted down my score. At the end of it all it was very comforting to find out that I, myself was Blue Chip Material. For those looking for a little confidence boost and some reality this quiz is definitely worth taking!

Chemeketa Community College, Salem OR

Out of all the websites I looked at, this was the one that was most useful to me. It was short and included a lot of information. I took the test and I got a 9 so my result was 'your on the way, but watch out success can be addictive. I believe that to be true, success can be very addicting.To me it's a motivator but also a warning.

There are only 5 short questions and you add up your score it's 0-15 points. I also found a drop bar on the right that includes tips on how to be motivated. There are also five ways to improve your motivation and motivational exercises. Great website you should check it out if you or someone you know needs motivation.


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