How We Remember

Teaching others is an Affirmation
Patrick Almazan, College Freshman
Intercoast, West Covina, CA

One of the most important rules to improving you memory is to make a habit of paying close attention to the thing you wish to remember. Remembering to focus on the quality of information given and rather than focusing on remembering a strong impression try to remember different impression because you see this completes the overall picture. Another way to improve your memory is to see if you can teach what you've learned to somebody else. If you can do this effectively then its an indicator that you remember what you've read.

How We Remember
Nancy Guzman
Intercoast College, West Covina, CA

This website was helpful especially if one tends to be forgetful and not remember things in general. It gives ten basic steps that explain how one can improve their memorization skills. One would be to remember a fact make it meaningful to you, but also have clear, sharp impression of the face, name, date, or facts. Another would be to visualize and think about the thing one wants to remember.

Sandra Prevatt, College Freshman
Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa CA

After reading these 10 steps on how to retain memory helps to keep in mind how important notes are. The more notes you make the better. Memory is visual and it is easier to remember information when you can read aloud about it repetitively. Also, this article refers to making drawings and using information already retained to relate to the knew knowledge being introduced. When familiar with a subject, relating knew information to it helps to retain knew material. The intent to remember is also viable, along with using the knew material in your everyday life if only explaining it to a peer. Knew information is mostly forgotten the day it was learned, so the more it is used, the more it will be imprinted and easier to remember.

How to Study
College Freshman
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

I really like the article on how to study. It has very important information and it can be very useful.

Help's study better
Colleen Rivera, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa,florida

I found this to be very helpful to me, because it lays out what we are missing when we are trying to study and to remember what we just read or learned. It's a must read. This is a good resource to go to if you need insight on what you don't understand.

Learning to remember
Jo Ann Lutze
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

These 10 steps to remember what you read or hear is going to be very useful for me. Taking good notes is one that I will use a lot so I can visualize what I am hearing. Writing the notes even for something you read will help you remember it more than just reading it.

Shayna Sanders, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa,FL

I found this article to be extremely helpful. I\'ve always had trouble retaining information when studying. Reading this has given me some steps to make remembering much easier. If you are having trouble remembering, I recommend this to you.

10 Ways to Remember
Jacqueline Gibson, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

These ten ways of studying helped me a great deal. I already knew to associate new facts with old facts. Now, I've tried reading aloud & that does work. Next, I will explain it to my husband because that sounds logical to me. I shall try all 10 ways and I thank you for the information.

Ultimate medical academy, Tampa florida

These ten steps have helped me. I tried the read out load and I was able to remember what I read and taking notes helped me visualize.

Nothing But Good Things
Kiefer, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I truly have nothing but good things to say about this article. It was very concise; short, sweet and to the point. It took me only about three minutes to read the whole article and by the end of those three, I knew how to manipulate my learning process to retain information for up to 30 days. It really surprised me to learn that it would only take a total of 20 minutes (at most) to retain information for a whole month!

Memory site review
Michael G Pylant, HS Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This was very helpful to me, I like when he explains "intend to remember" I never thought of that and I tried it with a few school assignments and it actually helped some, but I am still working on it and the other steps too.

Making complete sense
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

So I thought that this piece was very good. The whole time I was reading it, I was just in shock by how much of this made complete sense, if you really break it down into pieces and think about it. It's just mind boggling for me, that I actually read it several different times and was going "oh man, that really does make sense". I have actually saved this on my computer and am definitely going to be re-reading it to people just because I'm curious to see if they will have the same reaction I had!

Memorize every day
Chemeketa Comunity College , Salem Oregon

This was really helpful for me because I tend to think that I've memorized something but I never try to use it so it can be in my vocabulary and in my mind. I used to think that studying like crazy the day before of a test was going to help me not to forget anything,but by reading this I've learned that it's better to study the material the day that is given to you everyday for a little time so I can remember it.

How We Remember
Mary Carr, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, Florida

I found this quite interesting. I have to do word or item association in my mind to remember a lot of things. I am glad it is not a weird or out there thing to do. Thank you for the insight on ideas to help remember.

How We Remember to Remember.
Jennifer Warland, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa Bay, Florida

This article was very helpful to me, especially since my memory is horrible. There was a quote in there that stuck out to me. "A fact doesn't belong to you until you have used it." To me I am going to try to do other activities like talk to a friend about the subject, or write it down. I am going to do anything to make sure I use the information as much as possible.

Doug Bishop
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Having been reading and trying to study about remembering, it was nice to see things written in a different way. It helped me understand and retain the information more. Written so that many can understand. Simple and clear design. One part that stuck with me was after you are done reading/studying, to do something with what you learned.

How We Remember
Georgina Faamoe, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, 1255 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL 33756

This website is such a big help to me. I do have a hard time remembering the important stuff that I learned. But these ideas are great and I'm applying it to my everyday studies. Thank you so much!!!

Thing I did not know
Dawn Frank
Chemeketa Community College , Salem, OR

When we are learning, we should try not only to get a strong impression. Reviewing is much more effective if carried out before memories forgets. I have learned a lot from this site. I like the reviewing fact and that it works better than just learning it once.

Morgan Swyers
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I found this list of facts and tips very helpful. I am extremely forgetful, and it seems like the more I *try* to study, the less I can understand or remember. Some of these pointers seem like they will help me get around that obstacle.

Kevin Jewell, College Freshman
Chemeketa, Salem, Oregon

For me the memory is the hardest part of school. But after reading the review in the website i realize that it can be helped. Making whatever task i do important and meaningful to me would really help, but it is tough when i don't like doing said thing. Although if need be i can do it. Repetition would probably be the easiest and most helpful thing for me to help me remember. it's like a job or game. The more you do it; the more it becomes second nature. i believe that studying also helps because it will help me learn what i need to and once i do that it's easy.

Memory Site Review
Gabrielle Ralls
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

This article had a lot of very good information on how we remember. It also reminded me of some good ways to improve memory that I haven't used for a long time. I also learned some new things I didn't know about how the memory works. I definitely recommend checking this site out.

Memory site review
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

This website was helpful especially if one tends to be forgetful and not remember things in general. It gives ten basic steps that explain how one can improve their memorization skills. One would be to remember a fact make it meaningful to you, but also have clear, sharp impression of the face, name, date, or facts. Another would be to visualize and think about the thing one wants to remember.

Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Excellent article about how to remember things. I love the whole article, but especially the part that says “cultivate the habit of close attention to the thing you wish to remember.” It just makes a lot of sense--if I want to remember something, I must make an effort to remember whatever I want to remember. I did not know this principle, but I have done it not realizing it, and it does work. I am not sure if it works every single time, but I know that it is very effective. For example, when I have made an effort to remember the name of a person or certain facts about something, I have been able to find that information in my memory.

This may help my horrible memory.
Navarre Smith, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

One thing that has always bugged me is my inability to remember some things, such as important passages, yet be able to recall trivial information. I have a hard time remembering something that I find less than entertaining, which can be a plight when trying to work my way through a class that I find dull. This website has some great ideas on how to change that for me. When it comes to reading a book, or listening to an unexciting lecture I struggle greatly to remember all of the information, but with these steps being utilized hopefully that will improve.

I didn't realize how pivital it could be to take notes for memorization. Usually I just read the book and assume that my mind will be able to pull up the information needed on command, which has sometimes gotten me into trouble. This is a mistake that I will not make again.

How We Remember
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

If you find yourself being forgetful more and more throughout the days then read this. Although "How We Read" seems to be an informative paper, it gives out a lot of advice and examples that you could use to help remember. For example: "You should study more than just enough to learn your assignment. Experiments have proven that 50% more study resulted in 50% better retention." It gives you this example and makes you want to follow it and learn from it by performing it yourself.

College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem

"How We Remember" gives a list of 10 ways we can remember. It gives great tips on visualizing, thinking about it, and multiple other ways. I found it to be very helpful in terms of seeing about the way we can memorize information. It explains that understanding your learning style can be beneficial to the way you interpret information.

I definitely want to try the tips mentioned and see if I get any improvement in the areas I want.

How we renember
ulyana Ermolenko
Chemeketa Community College, Salem OR

How we remember

Does that ever happen to you, when you have been studying for hours and days, and later youre sitting in your biology class and can't remember how to spell a word. It happens to me often.

Well, memory itself cannot be developed; however, improvement in remembering comes from correcting certain habits or thoughts. If you wish to remember something make it meaningful to you. I learned that each individual remembers things differently for example I learn things better if I highlight or use different colors, also reading the word out loud, rewriting the word over and over, and then I closing my eyes trying to visualize it in my mind. It's so important to pay close attention to anything you wish to remember. I'm sure I'm not the only one that struggles to remember important things, and it's hard especially if have no idea what the word means or what this map says. This article was very helpful and had important information. I can use the ten steps now to improve my memory.


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