Managing Test Anxiety

Space and time
Sarah Palmer, Grad
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

I've had many peers tell me that they just blank out on a test. I've also done this myself - psyching myself out.

This article gives practical advice on how to prepare yourself both physically and mentally to walk into a test with confidence. Following these suggestions will help you give yourself the support and space you need mentally to take an exam and feel like you own it.

Test anxiety
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

This article is so helpful. I have bad test anxiety and this has really helped me. On test day, I get so nervous and my mind goes blank. This has really great.

Managing with test anxiety
Alicia Guzman, College Sophomore
Craton Hills College, Yucaipa, Ca

I found this very helpful in terms of helping with test anxiety. I will have to use some of these techniques and in hopes that they will help me out. It was brief and short, but got to the point. Very good information and techniques,on tips for test anxiety that I'm sure will help out others as well.

Managing Anxiety before/during Test
Rebecca La Rue, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

The information provided in this article shows many different ways for you to manage the stress and anxiety of taking the test. The thing that I see is most important is being prepared. You should always go into testing with a great mindset and ready to take on anything!

Test Anxiety-oh no!
Brandy Becker, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I find myself sometimes doing exactly what its telling us not to do. I feel overwhelmed to the point of frustration just when the papers get in my sights. I've never even thought about not talking to other students before a test. That would make a world of difference for me I think. This article was very helpful, just by giving me new ideas.

Test Anxiety Managed
Elizabeth Davitt
Ultimate Medical Academy, Florida

Helps a lot with a lot of little simple things you can do. Take a break, seems to work for me sometimes. i like to close my eyes take a deep breath and try to visualizing my reading and usually it will start coming back to me.This is a skill I had to learn in high school because i was a victim of text anxiety!

Test Anxiety
Shirley Smith, College Sophomore
Ultimate Medical Academy, Florida

This has really given me some good information on how I can over come my anxiety when it come to taking an exam. I have always been told that I was an over-thinker and that I just need to relax and calm down. I understand that I would like a good grade, but sometimes my over achievements gets in the way of my test score.

Thanks for this very important and well needed information.

Helping me feel better
Linda Broz, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, tampa florida

Reading about managing test anxiety made me feel so much better about taking tests. I am the type of person that can read and study and study and study, but when it comes time to take the test i freeze up and can't remember anything. This exercise made me feel a lot more confident and relaxed when it comes time to take tests.

Good Advice
Patrick Steckman, College Junior
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska

This is really good advice for people who have test anxiety. It will also be advice that I pass on to other students that have test anxiety and it will be advice that I personally will take into account. I tend to have a few of the systems that were listed and I do my best to try and pass them aside and focus when I take exams. The idea of taking a few deep breaths is something that works extremely well.

Test Anxiety Tips
Sharde' Johnson
Ultimate Medical Academy, Florida

Make up your own study guide to help you prepare for the test. Use notecards, make examples on paper. Eat a well balanced meal, brain food is what I call it. Make sure you go to sleep early to keep focused ,on the day of the test. Eat breakfast the morning of the test. You never want to take a test on a empty stomach; you want be able to focus. Take a deep breath and just take the test. These are some study tips I use.

Test Anxiety? Eww!
Meghan Pozo, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, Florida

I used to have test anxiety a lot! I remember being in History class and forgetting everything I had just read in the text book to a blank page. I couldn't focus, couldn't remember, and I felt like my test time was flying by so fast. I had no time to even make anything up to fill the blanks in with! (Lol!)

After a little help and some big and strong determination, I conquered that obstacle, but the past sometimes does come creeping back at you, and this article was truly helpful in realizing that there's always a chance. There is always some way to make anything better if you keep your mind to it. Thank you for the great reading and motivation!

managing test anxiety
Kevin Jewell, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I really enjoyed this topic of test anxiety because I have a lot of it. i get light headed, dizzy, and really frustrated during tests sometimes. Some things that Ihave learned that may help me are: Being well prepared for the test, and in more ways than one, like for instance getting sleep the night before, having all of the tools, such as pencil paper etc. Also I try to compare myself to other students and it freaks me out sometimes. I just have to learn not to think about them and distract myself as little as possible for tests. But in my opinion I think that a positive attitude will help me the most. That and confidence in myself.

Do I have test anxiety or not?
Kelli Miezio
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

Reading a little more about test anxiety I realize that I have more emotional symptoms then I do physical. I always thought I really didn't have test anxiety. But now I realize that getting distracted and talking down to myself is a form of anxiety as well as getting stressed when I know other students are finishing before I am. I think this site gives some good advice and tips that I think will help me in the future.

Tips On Test Anxiety
Mikell Kensmoe, College Freshman
Austin CC, Round Rock, Tx

When getting ready for and exam or test it is very helpful and useful to be prepared. I have bad test anxiety and reading this has changed my outlook on preparing for a test or exam. Eating a healthy breakfast, getting a good nights rest, and studying will make a big difference. It gets very frustrating when you don't understand a question or you know the answer but you're mind suddenly goes blank, it's best to take a deep breath, think to yourself that "I can do this", and stay focused. If you have really bad test anxiety then i suggest you read this or look at other websites that have helpful tips that will benefit you.

Good Information
A Degand, College Freshman
Waubonsee Community College, Aurora, IL

This article has a lot of good information about test anxiety and how you can control it. I knew some of this information already but it never hurts to read it again. I think that this would be a nice article to help explain test anxiety to students who do not have it.

I have had anxiety since the 8th grade and through growing up have realized a lot of peers are oblivious to what some of their peers may be going through.

Managing Test Anxiety
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Great tips for managing anxiety while taking tests. I really like the advice given in this article to be well prepared, which includes studying well for the test, a good night’s sleep before the test, and a healthy diet. I believe these three things alone would have a tremendous positive impact on a person not only to do well in the test, but also to remove or minimize the anxiety level.

Another point made in the article that caught my attention is to compensate yourself after the exam, by even taking the night off if possible.

Useful tips include celebrating!
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, McMinnville, OR.

This has some useful tips to test taking. I never imagined that people get so stressed out about taking a test. It has always occurred to me to just use common sense when taking a test. Look at the possible answers if it is a multiple choice and go by process of elimination. I do like the examples of getting sleep and a good breakfast before test time. I never thought about this affecting your testing.

The best thing I learned from this is treating myself after it is all over. Who would have guessed this. I have a lot of making up to do. :) Brett

test anxiety
Anna Magis-Agosta
Chemeketa Commmunity College, Salem, Oregon

Managing test anxiety has two different sections about anxiety. The first section explains what test anxiety feels like. This can include physical symptoms such as headaches or feeling nauseated. It also explains that people can have emotional symptoms which can include crying, or getting frustrated quickly. People can also have problems with thinking clearly or their thinking ability, an example is completely blanking on a question that one should know.

The last part in the first section encourages local college students to seek help through the Student Development Centre if experiencing high levels of anxiety during or prior to tests. If you are not a local college student the site still urges people to get help from counsellers or a physician in order to get help. The next section is about what can be done in order to control one's test anxiety. It includes tips such as being prepared for the test. Also to do as much reviewing and self-testing as possible. Making sure one gets enough sleep, eats healthily, gets plenty of exercise and just overall living a healthy lifestyle. The site also explains to have a positive attitude before a test and to stop thinking negatively, worrying, or comparing one's self to others. Another tip is to be organized and to make sure everything is ready to go the night before the test. Right before the test be sure not to talk to other students about the material because that can cause anxiety and to sit in an area with little distraction. Lastly it goes over paying attention to instructions on the test and focusing only on the exam and nothing else that can cause distractions.

This site did a very good job at explaining what exactly test anxiety feels like and how it can affect a person. It's important in understanding this because many students struggle with test anxiety but don't recognize what it is.

Going through a list of symptoms and how someone can get help can really help a student to realize there is an issue and it can be corrected. The second part in the website was really good in backing up the first section. First it explains symptoms and what it can feel like and explaining what can be done to help it is very helpful to someone who doesn't know what to do. I think this website was effective because it's to the point. It explains what are symptoms, and how to get over test anxiety. This enhanced my understanding of the strategy at hand because it wasn't a bunch of information all at once. It was straight to the point but still positive.

Managing Test Anxiety
Rebecca L Mettert
Chemeketa Community College, salem

Managing Test Anxiety

This article I found really helpful. I do find myself before I take tests giving myself a talk mentally and verbally, like another reader said, psyching myself out.

I have a lot of test anxiety and do find myself freaking out because of the amount of time left on a test and I also tend to Blank Outand forget a lot of the information I need to know while taking a test.

Following these simple steps on how to control test anxiety I hope will help me alleviate a lot of my test anxiety that I face, on a weekly basis, while taking tests. This helpful information I am sure will help a lot of others as well, with the same test anxiety issues.

Managing Test Anxiety
Shania Munoz, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

As a student, there have been many instances where I have experienced test anxiety. The sense of having to deal with pressure and hoping you do well takes a toll on your health. Be able to identify your test anxiety, you can counter ways on how to reduce it or simply find ways to keep yourself calm before the test. Some things that seem to work is being on time for the exam so you have an opportunity of reviewing over your notes or the flash cards you have created. Taking deep breaths allows you to refocus and regenerate oxygen to your brain giving you a fresh start to the exam. Obviously there are the simpler things like getting a goodnight of sleep and a well energy efficient breakfast that will power up your system. Test anxiety happens to everyone, and anyone it's a natural state of fearing failure. The best way to maintain focus is following these steps, creating positive self-talk to encourage yourself to believe in yourself. There is always going to be a sense pressure with taking a test, but I believe if you prepare yourself well and follow these tips to reduce your anxiety you are more than likely to feel more comfortable and confident next time taking an exam, at least after reading this I feel confident I can try and model out these tips to be successful in my next exam.

Preparing for tests
Chemeketa Community College, Oregon

The best two things about this article are that it gives what happens when problems arise in curriculum and the increased anxiety and blanking out that happens right before a test, if you're not properly studied up.

Another big realization I had was test cramming. Thinking to myself that I can be successful on the test by cramming all of the information I forgot to study over the course of the days or weeks I was given to . It is ridiculous to think I would prosper.

When reading over the steps to study effectively I saw that I really clicked wit hhe advice on reviewing past assignments to find information that could be useful to taking the test. Reading further on the list I also really liked the advice on setting a realistic goal for the study time and your goal to achieve well on the test. Lastly my all time favorite advice was asking the instructor how soon I should begin studying for the test. The more prepared I am the better I will do.


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