10 Steps to Better Notes

Great Tips
Skyline College, San Bruno, CA

I love your 10 steps to better note taking, especially number one: writing on only side of the page so that you can write comments on the other side. I take class notes on one side and leave the other side to take my own notes while reading the text. It has helped me a lot especially in Biology. I also try to read over my notes before the following class period just to refresh and prepare myself for the class. Great Tips!

Note taking made easy
Michael King II
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I like that the web site outlines steps. These steps help me to use the cornell note taking steps and to make them work for me in my own way. The first step using only one side of the paper for the questions that I generate from the main points helps me to think of ideas that might be showing up on a test. I think that making a glossary of the terms that not only do I need to look up to better understand but to also be able to refer back to later will help me understand the reading that I am doing. I am not sure that I will use the idea of writing down words that I know idea; if I know them why would I write them down? Writing one sentence summary of the notes that I am taking while I am in class during the lecture, will help me to recall the information later when I am studying. Overall, I think that this web site was a good one; I like having the information in steps for me to understand.

10 steps to better notes
HS Freshman
Stj academy , St johnsbury, Vermont

I thought the tips were very helpful. They taught how to stay organized and take good notes. Some tips were too simple, but other than that it was very helpful.

10 steps to better notes review
HS Freshman
St. Johnsbury Academy , St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Your review has some very good tips in it. But, everyone has different strategies and learning abilities, thus, this may not work for everyone. For the people who are open to trying new strategies, I think this would be a very good start to something they could make more their own so it will work better for them.

Good steps but here are some tips that might make them better :)
HS Freshman
St. Johnsbury Academy, St. Johnsbury Vt

I like those ten steps!! But maybe when writing down the notes you write them down in a notebook, just for that class. Which means you could have separate notebooks for each of your classes. Also you could write down any words you don't understand that your teacher/ instructor say during their lecture, then ask them what it means after class, or look it up in the dictionary yourself, so you can understand the material/ subject more clearly. :-)

10 Steps to Better Notes
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa Fl, 33607

I think that these steps are very helpful. In High School I did not take notes at all. However, I still passed most of my test with just reading from textbook. Now that I'm in college I realized that taking notes is essential to learning. I will be using these 10 steps .

10 Steps to Better Notes
Lauren , College Freshman
Austin Community College, Round Rock. Texas

After I read the 10 steps to better notes, I realized how to organize and plan out my notes for other classes. Doing the 10 steps better notes hopefully will allow me to clarify reading assignments, course concept and start to see improvement understanding in my other classes.

Don't get lost in note taking
Shelly Seiber, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I liked this site. It was very straight forward and very simple to read and helpful. I really liked this tip:

"If you get lost or confused, draw a "?" and continue to write. Check with someone after class for clarification."

Because I get lost during note taking sometimes.

Better Notes
Amy Lake, College Junior
Chemeketa Community college, Yamhill Valley Campus, OR

I have always tried to take notes and my notes vary in detail usually according to how much I feel I want to recall later or how fast the speaker or teacher speaks. These 10 steps are very useful and will aid me in writing better notes for my classes.

Note taking
Jessica Joseph, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, United States

This method reminds me of the HIT strategy from my reading 090 course at Chemeketa. I particularly liked this strategy as it keeps your notes very organized and easier to reference back to. Then it also combines with the sq3r strategy as well so you are able to create your own study guide by creating your own questions based on the information and answer them to quiz yourself out loud until you can easily answer the questions. All in all these are great tips to taking notes whether it be a lecture or a textbook.

10 steps to Better Notes
Maria Garcia, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

I really like these 10 steps to taking better notes. I think that if people follow these steps they will become successful into better note taking. I think that the drawing a picture helps when you are trying to understand the notes that you are taking.

Another thing that I think really helps is re- reading the notes and try to paraphrase in your own words, so that their is a better understanding. I also think that it would be good to test yourself. I think these steps are great to print out and have on site or on hand.

Great tips
Braegan Lovegrove, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Salem OR

I love how short and simple this article was. Straight to the point. I found it really helpful. I have a hard time taking notes sometimes. I actually applied some of these tips to my note taking and it was pretty effective. Made it a lot easier. Follow the 10 steps and I guarantee that you will have better notes!

10 Steps to Better Notes
Makayla Hyer, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This site talks about using notes to generate mock exams. It also says that if you get lost or confused on a section you are taking notes on that you should just draw a "?" and continue writing.

I thought that it would be worth mentioning that this site says to not confuse note taking with learning, because note taking is just a way of gathering information for learning. I found this to be helpful because I always try to learn as I am taking notes and it gets overwhelming.


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