Concentration - Not just a mind game

Very Insightful
Jessica, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy , Tampa, Florida

I at times think I have ADD....When I read things sometimes my mind will just drift off mean while I'm still reading. Weird I know, but it happens. So at that point I would find myself rereading things. So the tips I've gathered from here I'm going to try and I feel they would really help =)

Thanks for the suggestions
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I have trouble staying focused while reading. While I read, my mind will wonder off onto something else. Then I have to reread, because I can't remember anything.

I'm going to try a few of these suggestions. I believe they will be very helpful to me.

College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL

I have to concentration where there is nobody in the room with me just peace and quiet. I can't stand it when I'm concentrating on something and somebody comes in the room and just start talking.

Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa,Florida

My lack of concentration is basically when I am around my daughters. But with this great tips I just read I think I might just get my self a private room for studying and etc.

Crystal Whitfield, College Freshman
Chemeketa Communty collage , Salem, OR

My times to study and do class work vary form day to day, whenever my kid naps and at night after he goes to bed. Usually I sit in the living room with my laptop and go to work. But after reading this, I'm gonna try doing my work at the table away from any distractions and see how it works for me.

Very Helpful
HS Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

The information on this site was a summarized combination of all the information that I had found on the topic of concentration. This site gives some very helpful tips. The advice offered, if followed, would surely increase anyone's concentration.

Micheal Duda, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I like these pointers. I often study in the living room with the television off and complete silence. However I am sitting in a comfortable chair and am relaxed, sometimes so relaxed that I do not want to focus on homework. From now on I think I will use my office desk.

Not just a mind game
Maribel Barocio
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

More than an article,"Concentration-Not just a mind game" is a list to follow. This site is helpful to all college students or just everyone in general. The list are tips to create a good concentration level. Concentration, is probably the most important part of a college students. This site is great for all college students.

Helpful Tips
Jessica, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem OR

I enjoyed reading through these helpful tips. I feel I will be able to put them to use to help me better concentrate. Concentrating is my biggest issue during study time. I feel these will help as well help me recognize what things I need to change. Thanks for the helpful tips!

Concentration-Not Just a Mind Game
Jose Macias, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Everyone has their own way of concentrating and staying focused when it comes to studying or doing homework. But there are still others that haven't found a way. Nowadays it is so hard to concentrate due to all the distractions technology has created like television, cell phones, video games, internet, you name it... These are the reasons why a lot of people have problems staying focused and concentrating when needed. That's why i recommend this website to anyone that has problems concentrating. This website contains a lot of great tips and information to help you improve your concentration skills.

Concentration Techniques
Simone, HS Sophomore
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I found this article helpful. It suggest that you take small breaks. Walk away from it, when you start to get frustrated, which is sometimes hard when you're a single parent.

Concentrating for online classes
College Freshman
United Medical Academy, Flordia

Finding a place where no one will bother you, when it comes to study can be hard. Make sure it is a room where you feel relaxed and calm , but which also gives you the energy to study. Take small breaks so you won't doze off and lose concentration -- probably a 5 minute or less break. This was not easy at first when it comes to having all of the family home and they want to see what your doing. but finally I found my place of concentration and I do take my breaks because at first I just wanted to start the work and not leave the room until I have completely finished but then I realized being in a quiet room for a long time makes me lose concentration, so breaks are actually good to wake you up and get you ready for the next round of work.

Morgan Swyers, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I like this because it is simple, to the point, things I can do and keep in mind for studying. The tip to keep a pen and paper close by is definitely helpful.

New Points for Concentration
Dusti Patten
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I agree with many of the points. Although there were some listed that I haven't heard before, but will come in handy: such as avoid relaxing while working and take breaks and stop studying when fatigue or lack of attention occurs. I will be applying these points to stay focused.

Concentration - Not just a mind game
Henry Crapser, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Sometimes I overlook the obvious and this information reminded me of some of that, like a specific place designated for study. Although I agree with the whole "Minimizing distractions and noises" thing, I am also a single father and the sole caregiver of a 22 month old son, so that's not really possible but planning around that like during nap time is also a great idea. Good basic info here.

Great list of ideas
Navarre Smith, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I really liked these lists of ideas on how to create a study environment and how to improve your concentration while studying.

I am horrible with concentrating while trying to study I usually do it in my living room with my Wife watching TV, listening to music, or playing video games which can be very distracting. This showed me that I really do need to be doing all my studying in my office. Though being out there spending time with my wife may be wonderful, it detracts from my productivity, and when studying being able to do so efficiently should come before comfort.

Sarah Miller
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

These are some wonderful tips, I know I really struggle with relaxing while working and mixing work with play. I feel like planning is the key to successful concentration while trying to study or work. My struggles with concentration are wanting to talk with friends, nursing my baby while doing school work, or being interrupted because he woke up.

Clocks can be distracting!
Makayla Hyer, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

The content on this website talked about effective ways that you can improve concentration. It gave a short list of techniques and strategies that you can use that will help. When I read the part about how clocks could be really distracting, I felt like I could really relate to it because I find it hard to put a time limit on anything I do. I always end up watching the clock instead of concentrating on what I am supposed to do. I feel like this has helped me to figure out different ways of concentrating on my tasks instead of being distracted by how much time I have left to complete the task.

Jordan Baney, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I find this very helpful because it gives you ideas on how to stay focused and concentrate on your tasks. I really struggling in this part and reading this really helped me.

Trouble focusing
Tiffany S., College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I,too, find myself to be reading a paper or just anything then suddenly start to drift off. Then I have to go back and reread what's in front of me. I think if I limit all my distractions it would help, but when you have little children its very hard.

Concentration Review
Lyubov Kuzmina, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,Oregon

This website helped me a lot about my concentration. It helped me by letting me know what ways I can concentrate and I have tried to do the advice the website informed me. I recommend this website to someone who has a problem concentrating.

Know your special concentration environment
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

When you have selected a place where you know you can't be distracted and can get work done easily, cherish that place. You need to make it your own and not share it. It may sounds selfish but this is a place where no one will be able to come and bother you, when you are in the zone.

I know what that is like when people bother me when I am on a roll when studying. It stops the flow of my concentration level and takes me away from my study goals. This study place of yours needs to be sacred where you follow the concentration rules such as: good lighting, good temperature, not too comfortable where you'll fall asleep, and a place where you get things done and have all the resources for study materials, such as a wide desks where you can spread out your work on.

I study at a place where it's quiet but not too quiet. For me the quietness makes me fall asleep, so I work in an area where there's some noise there. None of my friends know of this study area of mine, so when I want to get something done I go to that place. But, of course, it's like everyday I go to that place.

The Secret Concentration Spot
Sueciana Lolin, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I think it's good when everyone has a concentration spot where noone of their friends knows about. Find a place where you'll be comfortable at, but not too comfortable. I found my place in the library where there are some noise, because if it's too quiet I fall asleep.

Solid Concentration
Eric G
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

If you have an upcoming test, exam or just need to study and you know you need to study, this webpage can give you a solid list of ideas to help you concentrate. Concentration is very important and the list that is given to you will help you come up with great ideas to create a great environment and excellent tools to help you focus. The list seems very simple but if you apply yourself and actually take your time and think about concentrating on the task and follow steps on this list then you will have an easier time.

Melissa Navarro
Chemeketa Community College, 4000 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305

Wow!! This article's new home is going to be my bookmark! It gives you a good amount of information in a short amount of time. I learned useful information. For example,plan your length of your study period by the material, not by the clock because the clock can be distracting.

Another interesting information I learned, is that I should start with small amounts of information to have short study blocks periods and then slowly start to add more information which will build up the study hours. This article informed me of techniques that I will put to practice, to improve my concentration.


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