Finding the Best Seat in Class

Katherine Mojica
Intercoast Career Institute, West Covina

This article is simple but yet goes straight to the point! It also consist of facts that many students could relate to such as a student willing to sit in the back rather than the front, are mainly students who choose to exclude themselves from participating or just being involved with the class overall, unless of course you really have no choice. I also believe in keeping away from windows & doors that may cause distraction because it is important to see and hear every detail in lectures.

Finding the best seat in class. Is in the front
Latoya Boyd, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

From the seventh, to the twelve grade, i always picked the seat in the back. I was afraid of getting picked to answer a question and didn't know the answer. If i could do it all over again, I would sit in the front. You will learn more and when the teacher does pick you to answer a question, no one can turn around, and all eyes be on you. They will see the back of your head, cause you're in the front, learning.

Finding the Best Seat in Class
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I found this tip to be helpful, because when I was in high school it was so hard to concentrate and I never understood why. But it was because I had so many distractions around me. Always wanted to sit next to a friend or the class clown.

As I get older I understand now why these things are very important in concentrating and studying in class. So thanks for the tips.

My seat
Kenya Craft
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

In high school, I always thought that sitting in the back of the classroom was the coolest place. Until, my grades started drop, all because I needed glasses. My friends were very tired of me copying their work. I think this very article gives many valid points.

Choosing where to sit
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I found this article particularly interesting and intriguing, because some of what is written holds true to me. When I choose a seat in a classroom, I usually tend to sit off to the far back and alone because I don't like having other students around me to talk to, and I definitely don't like the feeling of people sitting behind me.

I also related to when I sit near a door or window. I also tend to stare out and daydream more. I think this article is very informative on where to sit to have a more successful class. I know from experience that when I have been made to sit up in the front row, I tended to engage more in class with the teacher, whereas in the back I tend to be quieter.

Best seat in the Class, Diablo Valley College Survey
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, McMinnville, OR.

I chose the Diablo Valley College Survey which then led me to finding the best seat in class. I really enjoyed the survey I took. I even printed it out for future reference for myself. I will let my wife try the survey tonight as I am trying to talk her into taking college courses. The best seat in the class was a no brainer for me. I always choose to take a seat in the font and center of the class.

Finding the Best Seat in Class
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I really enjoyed reading this interesting article , which discussed great tips on where to sit in the classroom, where you won't be distracted. The tips given in the article were helpful and useful, especially for those students having a hard time paying attention or focusing in the classroom setting. I was once one of those students, especially in my high school years.

I soon learned while attending Chemeketa Community College my first two and a half terms while working towards my GED, that I needed to focus and pay significant attention to what I was learning. I graduated from high school then moved on and started my college degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management's AAS. I have taken many learning strategies classes and test taking skills classes and the one skill I find myself using the most is "Sitting front and center" at the front of the classroom.

Since starting at Chemeketa Community College, and working towards all my goals, this one learning strategy was one of the best things I had ever used and learned and has made a big difference in my learning experiences.

Years ago when I was in high school I always found myself sitting in the back of my class with my friends and did not pay attention in class at all, I didn't even graduate from high school all those years ago until recently. I am the type of person who definitely now needs to be sitting in front of the class, away from doors and windows and any other distractions.

Using this strategy has helped me to focus more in the classroom setting, especially when taking on-campus classes and has enhanced my ability to learn more effectively by concentrating on the information I am receiving. It has also helped me become a better person and more involved in classroom activities. I definitely recommend this learning strategy or skill to anyone that has a difficult time focusing.


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