Priority Management: Are you Doing the Right Things or Are You Just Doing Stuff?

You Can't Manage Time!!!
Kamen Monier, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This was very helpful and fun to watch! Instead of just reading tips for time-management skills, you can actually see the reason behind them. It was a great video and funny too.

Little things vs big things
College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem. OR

What a wonderful way to explain the concept of priorities and managing time. I too, have displayed the signs of filling my daily candy jar with more refined goodies than with larger blocks of items in which I should be working on first and foremost. It's pretty simple, and inspires me to organize my priorities based on this principle. It's true, that you will run into problems with time management, when you fill your day focused too much on little things. It leaves no room/time to work on the big tasks at hand.

Demonstration Opinion
paige lasko, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Overall this way of showing how you should manage your priorities was a very good demonstration. I'm sure it explained why people seem to not be able to get a lot of things done. They focus on the small easy stuff, so they can quickly check it off their list. When you focus on all the easier stuff first you don't have time for the higher priorities that are more time consuming.

Although it was a good demonstration, I feel he could have explained more on the conclusion of it or spent a few minutes giving ideas on ways to manage priorities. This would have been a useful class to be in.

Candy is Awesome
Terra Mullings, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I thoroughly enjoyed this video. It is a perfect analogy about making a schedule based on importance of what needs to happen in a day. I am not a person who makes lists and schedules on a daily basis but after watching the video I have decided to start. I thought "Oh I know what needs to get done and what doesn't" but it's not enough. So much time is wasted without realizing it. This video was great. Before I watched it I thought "Oh gosh. It's almost nine minutes long this is going to be so boring." but it doesn't seem to drag on. It is fairly to the point and entertaining.

Importance Of Time Management
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

I really like this video and the way he portrayed the importance of time management. It showed me the importance of getting in his terms "the non-negotiable items" done during the week. Because when I first focus on the important things that need to get done I will be able to fit in the non important stuff and still get everything done that I need to get done.

BIg principles, Little principles
Khari Banks , College Freshman
Chemeketa Community college , Salem Oregon

The video was very helpful in helping me realize how time is wasted. We focus on little things because they are normally easier to do then the big tasks we have in front of us, or is it that we like the taste of success we don't care that it came from a little task that has little impact on our long term goals if we have any. Some say the best way to succeed is to take on the big task because in life we only look at the big picture, but that's not true. Either you have to remember theret's plenty of little key pieces in life to aid you into success. So what I'm taking from the video is that principles are all that matters look at a task or object and value it by it\'s principle or it\'s purpose to you and if it doesn\'t serve a big enough impact then cut your losses and move to the next task or object on your schedule given that you have one.

priority management
Norm Wells, College Freshman
Chemeteka Community College, Salem, OR

This video helped me the most. I'm a visual person and this video really worked for me, showing how your time is prioritized really does help in getting everything finished that you need to do in the day.The boxes representing non-negotiable items. The red hots and sugar representing negotiable items.

Great Info
Charity Araujo, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

I appreciate the visual concept of how we mismanage our time on a continued basis. After reviewing this video, it triggered an ah ha moment for me. Something so simple, can be so overlooked. Thank you for taking the time to record this concept.

Mind Blowing
Ricky Davis, HS Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I was astonished with the video because it was something that I never looked at before. I found a lot of knowledge in the video that should be obvious, but was not by any means. The way he was able to take some ingredients and put them into the jar one way, but not another, was mind blowing. I feel that I just need to really take a hard look at what I am doing and how I am doing it, so that I can get the most out of everything that I do.

Visualizing Priority Management
Bridget Campbell
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, ORegon

This video shows an excellent visual representation of Priority Management using everyday items to symbolize a person's priorities. It was very helpful to me to see the visual, and it will stick in my mind for a long time-definitely longer than if it was just a lecture.

Priority management crushes candy
Heather McMahill
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I really like how the instructor made examples of priority management a visual and with something everybody likes, candy! I also like how the boxed candy represented as non-negotiable and the red hot and sugars as negotiable. It's important to organize your priorities properly to get the most out of them. This video is creative and instructive with a bit a humor. Review 1: Priority Management
Bonnie McCone, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, McMinnville, Oregon, USA

At my age, I am SO glad that I got to see a visual demonstration such as this! It has helped me to identify WHY I don't get things done when I need to. I have been trying to figure this out for years. I truly appreciate the way that he classified the ingredients as Non-Negotiables and Negotiables. Not only does this simple visual aid change my academic career, I think it has changed my entire life! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Video about priorities
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

The video is very effective in showing the importance of getting done the big and most important tasks first, prior to doing the little less important tasks. I knew this already, but the example given in the video made this teaching more relevant than ever before.

Generally it is easy to get done many little less important tasks on a to-do list and later realized that there is not enough time to do the big important tasks. The example in the videos is simple, but very effective in teaching about doing the most important things first.

Video Review
Jennifer Peters, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I really enjoyed these video presentations. It was very thought provoking to see the visual demonstration with the canisters and candies. After watching I saw how I let all the little non important things take my focus. I feel that I now I can better prioritize my activities in a more productive way. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these videos!

Melanie Araujo, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I half expected this result. In a child care class I took years ago they did something similar. Instead they used sea shells, rocks, and sand in place of the candy. I was just a fascinated watching this video as I was years ago. Thank you for taking the time to post this, it reminded me of things I had forgotten about.

Priority Management
Dawn Winterstein, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, SALEM, OR

This video shows how most people compartmentalize there time and do not use it wisely. I found it very entertaining and useful. I really like how he took one boxed candies and stuffed as many as he could into it, but there was still more room .so he adds more loose candies to fill the empty spaces and he still had more room so he adds sugar. Then he does the reverse and you can't fit everything back into the container. It shows how the bigger items often get left out for the more small mundane tasks. And teaches you how to better manage and prioritize your time.

Great Priority Management Video
Yuriy Sivyy
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

This short study skills video from Steve Piscitelli is a very good example on how to manage your priorities. He uses candy and sugar to demonstrate the difference how if you put important things first and do them, you will have time for smaller,less important things to do. On the other hand if you use the time you have to for a bunch of things that aren't important, you might run out of time to do the important things. The visual demonstration of time management really helped me understand how I and others can manage our time better.


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