Essay Exams

Essay Exams
Leighanna, College Freshman
Waubonsee Community College- Aurora, Aurora, IL

I thought this article was very helpful. It gives a lot of great points and explanations. it talks about how we as students get very stressed when it comes to writing a regular essay and most of the time they are not even timed. But when it comes time for us to write a paper that is actually timed, we freak out and forget everything. It gives a few steps of what to do before starting a paper. For example it talks about what if in the paper it asks specific questions.

In the article its tells you to make notes/annotations in the margins of how you will answer those questions. Then most of the time lots of ideas start coming to you. The article basically just guides you and gives you ideas on what to do for your next paper you have to write. It's very informative!

Essay Exams Review
College Freshman
Waubonsee Community College, Aurora, IL

After reading the Essay Exams article, I learned reasons why a professor chooses to use essay exams to help assess the understanding students have. Often as students, we don't feel we have control over how we do on tests, but the article proves that much of our success is in our court.

Some obvious but worth reminding tips include actually doing the reading and attending the lectures to the not so obvious, like reading the exam carefully and assessing the allotted time given divided by the number of questions asked. Also, looking for action verbs that usually make or break a question if read incorrectly. Interpretation words ask in your own words to define or support information about the subject.

Most students do not understand that there is a rhyme and reason to following the tips for the essay exam or even using basic psychology, like bringing a good luck charm, to help ease tension or nervousness. This article is very thorough and defines exactly what we as students can do to obtain the best results on a test.

Essay Exam review
William Hobbs, College Sophomore
Waubonsee Comm., Aurora,IL.

This is one of the most informative article I have ever read relating to taking Essay Exams. What amazed me is it gave the reason why essay exams are so important, or should I say not amazed but really clarified why. The explanation being, essay questions, displays the students understanding of the course material.

The article supplied-excellent information in identifying key terms and the how, what and planning necessary to prepare for an essay exam. Excellent article!


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