Don't Put it Off Any Longer: Cure that Procrastination Virus

Why this works
The Woodlands College Park, The Woodlands, Texas

Yes, I am a chronic procrastinator or worse. However, the things mentioned on this link can help get my procrastination down to an acceptable level , so as not to interfere with my work, sleep, and family times.

Calling all procrastinators
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

To all those procrastinators who know they have a problem.. check this out.

exactly like me
College Freshman
crafton hills college, yucaipa

While reading this article I came to realize that everything that is being said I can relate to in a very creepy way. When I think about doing homework I tend to procrastinate and leave everything to the last minute especially those assignments that are big and long.

The main reason why I do that is because I have the fear of failing that class and the fact that I think too much about it, which makes it harder for me to actually get to work on it. This article helped me a lot to think and helped me to realize that I need to be much more interested in my work and not let anything distract me or make me lose tract of time and get right to work.

Procrastination is something I have done for a while now and I know its something I need to work at so I can get better at school and turn things on time.

dont be lazy!
Daniel Templin, College Junior
Intercoast College, West Covina, Ca

Why put it off. Don't be lazy! Get it done so you don't have to deal with it later.

My procrastination virus is....
Elizabeth Greene, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, Florida

I am a perfectionist when it comes to school work. I think everything has to be perfect or say the right words, because if not it will not be perfect for the instructor. I am trying to overcome my anxiety of failing or not doing my homework right. I know everyone has there own way of doing work, but it seems like with me, if i can not do it perfectly I just don't do it at all. Plus I get distracted too easily. I am going to try to follow some of the tips given and just not put it off any longer.

Don't put it off
Kayleaka Koivu
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

I found the article " Don't put it off any longer" benefited me a lot. This site gave a description on what type of procrastinator I was. I found that I was a dis-organizer. The descriptions were in depth and I understood them very well.

Procrastinators unite
sharon harper, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Well I just found out that I am an unorganized procrastinator. I thought that I was just lazy and unorganized and now I know that I am also a procrastinator. I will put everything that I can, including leaving for class, or work, or even a Dr.s appointment off to the last second, and even then most of the time I am a little late. If I am ever more than a few minutes late, that is the perfect excuse to not go.

I liked this site because it not only tells you what type of procrastinator a person is, but how to break the cycle of doing it. I know that things need to be done and I know that it would be much easier to space these things out through out the week and I still wait until the very last minute. Maybe reading this will help. I feel motivated.

Understanding procrastination
Ashley Miller
Chemeketa Community College , Salem, Oregon

This site helped me recognize some of the things I do as far as how I procrastinate and the root of these different things I do. Knowing why I do some procrastinating things and what kind of procrastinator I am will really help me make the changes I need to, so I can fix these issues. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants to change their procrastinating ways, because this site will help you understand why you do it, and then you will know more specific things that you need to change.

Awesome idea
Leia Brown, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I love how they break up procrastination into different kinds of procrastination. I definitely learned more about why people procrastinate from this. I would consider myself a disorganized procrastinator.

The story of my life
Chloe Hall, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

This is a great eye opener to discovering that you are in fact a procrastinator. One of the examples I most relate to is perfectionism. When it comes to my studying and note taking I often think that to grasp concepts I have to have flawless notes or flash cards. Sometimes I get a little carried away and end up discarding a ton of paper and then it's nearly bedtime and I've accomplished little to nothing that is "acceptable" in my head. I can't over emphasize time management! I really wish this article had some solutions to its examples.

Procrastination Virus
Urban Brunoe, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

This website was very in-depth and informative, giving a nice overview of what procrastination is and why to "cure" it. The beginning of the page gives an example of a situation that procrastination can seem more comfortable than actual work and the effects it's had. The next highlight focuses on the different types of procrastination, based on the descriptions I would say the types of procrastination I do the most are disorganization and perfectionism. I don't do these most of the time, but I sometimes do revert to these behaviors. The final topic gives the way to break the procrastination cycle and how to use it to your advantage. This website was very well set up and have some great examples of who to use procrastination and limit its use in your life.

Start your day doing what you dislike to cure procrastination
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Don't Put it Off Any Longer: Cure that Procrastination Virus is an article discussing the various reasons people avoid tasks and a brief summary on how to break out of the procrastination cycle. The overall purpose is for the reader to easily identify what part(s) of the Procrastination Virus? they may have.

Disorganization, Fear, Perfectionism, and the Indicator of something greater are listed as the central reasons why people procrastinate. A disorganized procrastinator avoids the big stuff focusing on smaller and easier tasks. Feeling nervous or anxious about a task indicates that fear is causing you to avoid the unfamiliar. Perfectionists get wrapped up in every detail which doesn't allow them adequate time to finish so often they don't start at all. If you feel you cannot finish any tasks the indication of something greater can lead to anxiety and depression.

I have experienced all 4 reasons why people procrastinate at one time in my life or another. Anxiety and depression have been a lifelong battle so I feel I know the pain of procrastinating all too well. The biggest takeaway from this article for me was to start my day doing the things I dislike. If I can make myself adopt that practice alone I can visualize feeling so much better ending each day on a more favorable note once the crappy tasks are completed and I am free to move on to more enjoyable things.

Ruby Campos
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I know I procrastinate but I didn't know which type of procrastinator i was. Turns out to be I am a perfectionist. If I don't like how my work comes out I tend to give up sometimes. I need to learn to break out of that cycle.

It's like the common cold...
Chemketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I couldn't relate to either of the types of procrastinators. However, when the author wrote about how some people thrive on the last minute deadlines, I realized that was me. I often leave everything till the last minute and rush to do it. I procrastinate intentionally, because I know I can get my work done faster that way. I may sometimes overdue it, but I feel like I'm getting better at pacing myself, because i did see a need to change and that's exactly what he said will happen.

Don't put it off any longer
Marissa Poetzl , College Senior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

The site I chose was about how individuals that procrastinate actually would do way better if they didn't procrastinate. Although I already knew this because I think it is pretty obvious that I would do better if I were not in a hurry when trying to take a quiz or do the things. Hearing it really made it click. I feel like the incentive to do better will help me in the future to not procrastinate. I find this very helpful in my studies and plan on using this in the future.


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