When Professors Talk Too Fast ...

Staying ahead of the game
jessica boone
Chemeketa Community College, Yamhill, OR

It is sometimes hard to stay on track with your notes, if the learning speed is too fast to be able to take in. I found it helpful to review information from previous notes and make sure to get down the topics you will review in class before the class begins. Also to pre-read the topics before your class so you can better understand the information in class, making it easier to put into your own words.

Great Ideas
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This site gives some great suggestions for taking notes, when a professor gives lectures too fast.Some of the key points it gives is to read the assignment material before coming to class, form a study group so that other students can help fill in holes in each others notes, create symbols and use abbreviations in your notes, and to ask the instructor if you can record the lecture to review later and complete your notes. With the use of some of or all of these ideas your note taking skills should improve.

Good but bad.
Shawna Austin , HS Freshman
St.johnsbury academy, St.johnsbury

These are all very good ideas. But I also think that the professor should be able to slow down his pace at which he speaks, because not all students will be able or be capable of taking these ideas into action. The professor should slow down for the students so that they can still get the same information and education as others who are able to do these. Many students have troubles with taking notes such as these. Maybe you can suggest some ideas that doesn't involve writing notes during the speaking, Like hearing suggestions.

When professors talk to fast
HS Freshman
St. Johnsbury Academy , St. Johnsbury

Read the class discussion before class and write down anything bolded and or important, so that when the professor talks you can listen, because you already have majority of the stuff written down.

Ask a friend from that class if he or she had the notes from the lecture that you missed.

If you only got part of a sentence then put a * by it or some kind of symbol to represent that you didn't finish it.

Ask your professor to repeat it.

patrick, HS Freshman
St John's Academy , St. Johnsbury Vermont

This note taking method is used for when your teacher is talking too fast and you can't take any notes. What they try to explain to do to help you take note better is to review previous note, so you can get a better understand and so you can be more prepared. Another way to remember what was said is to leave space in your previous notes so you can write about what was said.


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