If to do lists are not working for you, try this.

Jacob Spencer, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

It's different and neat and yes I am terrible with lists, because I don't have a simplistic way of categorizing it. This seems fun and can't wait to try it -- actually.

Mind Map
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I reviewed the Mind Map Time Management site, and it was because I related well with this type of management. I am more visual, creative, and I love lists. It shows you that you need a basic "to do" list and it includes: makes a list of tasks, prioritize the tasks, work the list.

Basically, write it, make the most important first, and DO it! I like how the site also says that although this works for simple tasks, it may not work for multiple tasks for various roles in a day. Using the different colors with the branches is a great idea and I often organize different tasks with different colors already and make a key. This is really helpful in time management and I will definitely use this.

Creative Organization!
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I really enjoyed reading through this website. It gave me some great ideas for using mind mapping as an organizational technique. I've already tried it to map my goals for this term, and I can tell it will work much better for me than plain to-do lists. I recommend this method to anyone who struggles to manage their time effectively.

If you've got lists of lists of things to do maybe this will work for you!
Tim Thorpe
Chemeketa Community College, Salem

I chose this site over this others because I've got pages of to-do lists and few of them have more than a quarter of the items checked off. I've heard of mind mapping in the past and it has been something that I've wanted to explore for a while but never found a compelling use for it.

Mind Map Time Management breaks down how to turn what you need to do into a clear, colorful outline of what needs to get done and breaks down tasks into as small or large a chunk as necessary so that you don't get overwhelmed. The site explains how to mind map your time both using software as well as in a written format and gives clear and easy to follow suggestions on how to structure your mind map to make the best use of your time as possible.

There are links to examples and other websites that further explain good time management practices and resources for mapping your time.

The points on the site that stood out to me were related to why to do lists are not very effective for me. The point that they are "black, white and boring" Stuck out the most for me.

It makes sense because I usually write something on the to do list, file it away and don't look at it until I need to add something else. They also point out that to-do lists aren't very flexible and not actively part of the time planning process, whereas a mind map is adjusted on the fly as you work through your plan.


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