Design Your Own Anti-Procrastination Plan

Hold yourself accountable
Brad Parksion
Chemeketa Communuty College, Salem, OR

I believe by doing this list you will hold yourself more accountable for your time and how you spend it.

Shelly Seiber, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

The thing that stuck out most was this "Start with the most unpleasant task---to get it over with---and work down until you get to the easier ones." Now if everyone could just do that then there probably would be no procrastination. Right?

Design Your Own!
Melissa Williams
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

The site "Design Your Own Anti-Procrastination Plan" was a fun and interesting site.

It tells you to schedule your tasks for your project and then gives you a check off list on how to get the tasks done so that it's step by step rather than procrastinating and doing it all at once. This checklist is definitely something I will print off and use for myself. I find it very helpful.

Anti-Procrastination Plan for me
Doug Bishop, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Here I am working on my assignments on the day that they are due. Though, I will be finishing soon, I admit to procrastinating. Everyone has their reasons, excuses, whatever they may be. I do know that I have been stressed (am still stressed) about all the assignments and things that I need to do.

This plan is pretty straight forward and I think will help me in getting things started quicker and finish sooner. Steps of what to do are suggested. Easy to follow and understand. I look forward to adapting these to my life.

How I have beat my procrastination.
Misty Handsaker, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,Or

I have always been a procrastinator on some subjects. It was always, after I do this or finish that, I would get to studying. This Resource has been a positive step in the right direction. Making a plan is a lot like a to-do list to me. I have noticed a theme to most of the help I have been given.

One thing is to work on the hardest thing first and I totally agree but I also think it should be kept in mind to use your time management with this as well. I have several classes and putting what needs to be done first is most often my more difficult assignments. I have been trying to keep a little ahead in case I back slide. I would like to also say that I have definitely improved on my issue to procrastinate.

I also like that the suggested the journal because at times I have found situations where I feel very frustrated my self. I also take occasional breaks when I feel over stretched. This has been an enormous help. I plan to keep using my Anti-Procrastination Plan in the future.

New plan
Lesly Torres
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I think being able to design ones own anti-procrastinating tool would really work for each individual. That way people can try new strategies and see what works out for them. If not, they can keep trying until they find an effective strategy. Hence, I will definitely use this until I find the adequate strategies that work best for me.


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