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College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

One that I found really helpful is that the article talks about keeping track of how I use my time. Being able to know what I do with my time, lets me figure out how to do things around what I already do in my daily schedule. Along with several other suggestions, this article will come in handy this semester.

Time Management Review
College Freshman
Waubonsee Community College, Aurora, IL

This article was a well written document on the topic of Time Management. It gave insight on how managing your time is the fundamental key to academic success. Aside from explaining what time management is, it gave examples of how to improve time management.

It also gives you many useful tools to help you plan out your day, week, month and even year. From someone who is bad at managing time, this article gave a good advice on how to improve your time management!

How to manage my time
Amber Jenkins, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL.

I looked over a few of the time management reviews.The one that stood out to me however was scheduling. If I plan my courses and work on my own personal schedule,it'll be a lot easier for me to complete my tasks in a timely manner.

Time Management review
Anna Magis-Agosta, College Junior
Chemeketa Commmunity College, Salem

This article briefly explains that most everyone relies on their parents or other adults for time management.It's not until you are a young adult that you have to rely on yourself for time management with little training.

It then dives into how to make a time management plan by following a 3 step process: 1.track a week 2.crunch your numbers (how did you manage your time), and 3.note the patterns (what did you discover from what you did that week). After reading about how to setup a routine and schedule it explains that it's okay to not always track and stay organized as long as you try your best to stay persistent. This article then explains once you have established a pattern for yourself you can start setting up schedules that fit better with managing your time. Keep them positive, achievable, and easy to change if need be. These are the larger to-do-lists.

And then once you get those down, a weekly smaller more detailed to-do-list will help with managing time even more. This article then goes on to explain where to keep you schedules and to-do-list and what sorts of gadgets and tools are useful in the process of making them or where to keep them safe. It also explains who can help with time management when going to college which also leads to who this article is directed towards helping.

What pulled me in was the introduction. It relates to every college student. Everyone relies on their parents or other adult for time management when growing up. Everything really does start to fall on you when college starts. You are an adult now, and it is up to you. I really liked that this site draws you in by relating to what most college students have gone through. I think relating to your readers is very important. I also liked that it started with the \"big picture\", the main topic of the article. And then it gets into more detailed aspects of that topic. It was well organized and it was easy to follow. Each paragraph was very detailed about useful tools to help with time management. They were easy to follow and can easily be used by everyone. I also felt that this article could pertain to many readers and not just a certain group of people. Although it is intended for college students I find that it could be helpful for anyone. I know that keeping up on details can be hard and remembering to create a schedule or to-do-list can easily be forgotten which may seem like a drawback for people who don\'t use them. However, I think this site explained really easy ways to help create a schedule and everyone, even disorganized people, can benefit from it if they really tried. Overall it was easy to access, easy to follow, detailed, and had very helpful.


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