Sample Notetaking

3 styles of note taking
Douglas Shearer, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Sample note taking- In this article it compares three different styles of note taking, Cornell, outline and mind mapping and each has its advantages. I already integrate all three depending on subject and class because different styles fit different topics.

Notes - 3 variations
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Notes This article is a simplistic display of how to take notes through 3 different variations of note taking skills. First, is an Outline Format for note taking in a lecture. The use of alphabet for main topics and enumerating for supporting detail made the notes easy to follow. Next, is the use of the Cornell Method for note-taking. Based on the information shown on the paper the notes were in line with the proper use of the Cornell Method. The notes are divided between a right (recording) and left (recall) side. This author used a variety of strategies to record and recall information, which made the notes appear to be organized and easy to follow. Lastly, the author uses a Mind Map to display notes. This method uses the same concept as the other two note taking strategies. This concept shows a nice correlation between headings, subheadings and supporting detail. Note-taking is an essential part of building skills for learning. Individuals need to understand that note-taking skills alone have no value in them. We need understand how important is to review and study our notes to learn from them. I liked that the author showed more than one way to take notes and did not emphasize any of the three note-taking skills as being superior to the other.

Chemketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I like how this article perfectly laid out the 3 examples of note taking. Cornell notes seems like the way to go but it doesn't work for me. Outlines work the best because I find it easier and I don't have to be too careful putting information in the wrong category and putting titles on everything which can cause me to lose focus.

When there is just added information i usually just put star (*) by it to let me know its added information.

The mind mapping style had too much going on for me to actually understand it and its distracting for me.


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