Making Concentration a Habit

Good Concentration Tips
Heather McMahill
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This website gives good tips on how to concentrate better. It's helpful that the website gives a specific causes of low concentration and then gives the corresponding tips to help concentrate better. My biggest issue while studying is not watching TV while studying, so my tip would be to go to a room without a television, but there are other helpful tips on this website for people with other studying problems.

Great Tips
Rabecca Moreno
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This site was very informative for me. These are great tips that can help when someone is trying to concentrate. Its good to know that it's okay to take your time and to take breaks when needed. This was very helpful for me and I cannot wait to try the tips out.

Concentration tips
Brandon Perkins
Chemeketa , Salem, OR

The website was very informative about improving concentration skills. I appreciated how organized and well thought out the site was. The most helpful thing I learned is that there are two types of distractions, one internal and one external. External can be anything from your phone, a pet, friends, music and television. These are distractions you can change or control. Internal distractions are things that are more difficult to control like anxiety, boredom, drowsiness and hunger. With the help of this website I can identify my distractions and make a plan on how to avoid them.

Making Concentration a habit really helps
Chemeketa community College, Salem, OR

This topic was very interesting to me currently. I as well as many others have problems with getting distracting while studying. This blog entry was very helpful in the way that it gave me ways to stay concentrated.

For instance with daydreaming, to write down that interesting thought in my head and then return to studying. Usually when studying and I start to daydream I try to stop thinking about that thought but can't seem to get it out of my head. Writing down my thoughts really helped when I had no other way of getting my mind back on the topic of studying.

Misty Handsaker, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,Or

Making concentration a habit is the same as setting a schedule for studying. If you can set yourself up in the best situation possible you increase the likelihood of improving your grades and learning the information from class. I love the tips for doing the most difficult things first because that is also what I have been learning in my class.

I also liked the idea of a reward system which I don't use right know but plan to use in the future. I am just not sure what types of reward I should use. I also have learned that there is awesome abilities to work in a non-noisy area. I used to be able to study with the t.v. on or the radio blasting, but I have learned that recently it causes me to take a longer break from studying than I should have.

Review of Making Concentration a Habit
Jessie St Peter, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,Oregon

My review on Making Concentration a Habit is, Concentration is a key factor in the success and progress of students or anybody trying to learn or study information. I have learned the key causes or poor concentration, both internal and external.

Some internal causes of poor concentration are being hungry or sleepy during study or class time, daydreaming, becoming bored with the material or activity. Others are feeling intimidating about the difficulty of course work, or personal problems.

Some solutions for these causes are making sure to have a balanced diet through out the day, making sure you get adequate sleep before and after studies or classes. Do your best to study during the alert times of the day, try exercising to help drowsiness. Plan out effective study strategies and stick to them, one really helpful tool for studying and concentration is to make sure you take breaks, tackling assignments and work in steps.

External causes of inability to concentrate can include, but are not limited to, background noise. Which includes T.V., or loud music. Another distraction is being too comfortable, which can lead to drowsiness. Also your social life, friends, family, calling, texting. If you have pets in your home, where you study, this can be a cause of poor concentration and can keep you from focusing on the tasks at hand.

Some solutions to the above problems in concentration are, rearranging your home environment, where you study. Or even finding a quiet,more suitable place to focus, library, study center on campus etc. Also practicing your study techniques can have a big impact on the effectiveness of these strategies or solutions.

From reading this article on poor concentration and its influence, I have a better understanding and have gained insight into what internal and external causes effect my own studying difficulties. By using these tools or solutions to common causes of poor concentration, I can better utilize and understand in my own studies. By using these on a regular basis, they will become part of my routine.

Great Tips - Only 3 Steps!
Lexie Clark, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I really liked this article on concentration because it only has three steps to it. It makes it easier to follow through. It also explains the more common concentration troubles people have. The author also categorizes these problems so that the readers can have a better understanding of what kind of problem they are dealing with. What made this article my favorite one, was the tips the author gave to control these habits. The author gives good tips on how to eliminate these issues people have with concentration. I think this is a really good article and I plan to use some of these tips to help me with my concentration.


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