Clues to Concentration

Concentration habits
Douglas Shearer, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I found this article interesting because it introduced two new ideas I hadn't thought of, like varying my activities instead of a set routine in my study time and the use of a worry sheet to reflect on later. Interesting ideas that I plan to incorporate in my structure that I can already see improvements that could be helpful.

Pick a place
Johny Kubishta, College Freshman
Chemeketa community college, Salem, Oregon

I have read several articles on concentration techniques and this one stood out for several reasons. One particular reason that stood out the most for me, was studying in the same spot each time. I'm a retired Marine and one thing I practiced over and over again in the military was muscle memory. Although the brain is not a muscle it's been referred to as one and if you do something over and over again it will stick eventually. Finding a nice quiet place to study and concentrate has been on my mind since my first day of school. I know what to do now.

Acknowledge how far you\'ve come!
Chloe Hall, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Unlike the other articles, this isn't a list of bullets telling you how to concentrate, it's well broken down. I've never even thought of something like a "worry list"! I will definitely use this!

It wasn't stated, but I think this strategy would be fully utilized if you kept a single sheet of paper as your list (per class) and kept brushing up on these topics every study session even when they no longer seem scary. This is a good way to keep track of how far you've come!


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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