How to take great notes

3 steps
Charity Araujo, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I enjoyed the way note taking was explained in the video, “How to take great notes”. To have 3 steps to return to when taking notes has helped my focus of notes become clear and it is teaching me new tools to better retain the material. Excellent resource!

Great Note Taking!!!
Dawn Frank
Chemeketa Community College , 4000 Lancaster Drive NE Salem OR 97302

The first thing that I learned is that don't write down everything that the teacher is saying. Use different colors to help keep your notes more organization. Also you can try teaching the topic to a classmate. I feel that the best note taking skill for me will be not writing everything down that the teacher say. I never knew that before. I also like the idea of teaching it to another classmate will be helpful.

How to take great notes
Henry Crapser, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I'm always more engaged in learning when it's visual and this is a great video with cool animation and more importantly great information and note taking statistics.

3 steps to better note taking
Dallas Gentemann
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I am so happy I found this video on note taking! I like to think I'm good at taking notes, but then I go back to them afterwards to find information I need and can't find it. I like that in the beginning of this video it gives you statistics on student note taking which is a good insight. The whole point of this video is to teach the 3 step method of note taking.

Step one is to not write facts, but to write conclusions. Step two is to use color. Step three is to review for at least ten minutes after you have taken the notes. I really like the 3 step method because I feel like it simplifies note taking. I always try to complicate it and write down a bunch of information that I think is important at the time but in the end I don't end up using. I like the tip on using color, that way your notes are broken up and easier to read. This video is very useful and I am definitely going to use the 3 step method next time I take notes!

Engaging and Relevant
James Bovee
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

I have really been enjoying Watchwellcast's instructional video's. "How to take great notes" is particularly relevant to this class as it not only teaches a note taking method, but it also reinforces previous lessons when giving ways to reinforce the notes mentally. Things like writing different sections in different colors or writing parts in your own words are things we have already learned, but here they give them as examples for their method.

I found the video engaging and approachable. They made their video in a way that made me want to learn it. If you would like to see for yourself you can go to :

How To Take Great Notes
College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This YouTube video gives three easy steps on how to take great notes: 1. Do not write down the facts but rather the conclusions. 2. Use colored pens when writing notes; use one color for questions, one for the answers and one for the conclusions. 3. Spend 10 minutes a day to review the notes; try to teach someone else based on the notes taken.

I found this to be very helpful because I much rather learn from short video clips.Also, I've always tried to write down as many facts as possible and usually miss part of the lecture being taught to me. So the first step was an eye opener for me.

great note taking VIDEO
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This video is trying to help students have better note taking skills, by also providing them with some information that would be useful to know before diving in and taking notes any old way. The video starts of by saying that the average student can take notes at 1/3 of a word per second, while your average teacher speaks around 2-3 words per second. It goes on to say that in a 1970's study done by a developmental psychologist named Michael Howe, shows that students who take notes are 7x more likely to remember what they learned a week later.

The video also states that note taking should also act as a form of learning so that when you leave the classroom you already have a understanding of the concepts. Then the video goes into 3 steps to take while taking notes to assure you that you are taking good and effective notes.

Step 1 is Don't write down facts, Write down conclusions. which means spend more time listening to the lecture and understanding what is being said then spending your time trying to capture every word that your teacher is saying. You should be writing down questions that the teacher presents and try to come up with the answer on your own, and include facts only when necessary, that is called the evidence or how you got the answer.

Step two is Use Color. This will help you remember your notes visually, and if you set a template for your notes as in writing questions in red, definitions in blue and conclusions in green, this will help you to follow the notes better and also it will make it more appealing.

Lastly step 3 is Review your notes don't relearn them. Spend at least ten minutes reviewing your notes after class. If you would like to test your comprehension try to teach the material to a class mate and have them give you feedback on how you did. It will make a great marker to see if you are learning and comprehending what is being taught in class.


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