Reading Comprehension 101: A Step by Step Guide

Love it
Doug Bishop
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

I really enjoyed the PDF document. Everything on it was organized nicely. I appreciate the step by step guide. That is how I work best, having a set of instructions and this was just about that. I also like the assessment in the beginning.

step by step
Dusti Patten, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I really liked this article. The steps are easy to follow, and direct. I do most of these steps, but now that I have read this I\'m going to include all of them. It has a very steady flow, and I believe this will help me understand better the material I\'m trying to learn.

Jessica Joseph, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Yamhill Valley campus.OR

This was a very helpful strategy that I learned in my reading 090 course at Chemeketa. SQR3 stands for; Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review. The step by step guide this site gives has a couple extra steps, however it is essentially the SQR3 strategy. This is a great way to learn/retain information from textbooks.

Kristy's review
Kristy Phillips, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem OR

This is an interesting article that asked questions on your reading habits. It also goes into detail on effective habits and how to get the most out of your reading. I love to read and do it often. After reading the article I found even more ways to read effectively.

Review of reading site
Kati Caldwell, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This website starts out with a quiz for you to take on how you read. It then goes on to talk about what you should do before you read, what to do while you read and what to do after you read. Some of the things I agree with are to scan the chapter before you read, to re read after and to review. Something that I thought was not very helpful on this site is the assessment at the beginning because I was expecting it to evaluate the answers I gave specifically but instead it just said a higher score is better in general. I think the rest of the information in on the site was helpful though.

Memory and reading
Sally Cain
Ultimate Medical Accademy, Tampa, Florida

I am a surviving Stroke Patient. I have had 4 strokes and have been taking memory building classes with a therapist. I have to highlight what I think is important and write things down to remember on a daily basis. I find that I remember more information when someone reads to me.

I have short term memory loss. If I don't write down what I have to do or remember on a daily basis before I go to sleep I will not remember the next morning what I am supposed to do. For example : Take my dog to the vet,pay certain bills,the days I am supposed to go see my therapist. My therapist told me I should pick something that I want to do and go back to school since I am Progressing so quickly. So I did.I picked Administrative Medical Assistant.

Now that I have been through my first week of online classes, I feel very overwhelmed,that I will fail and that I picked one of the hardest classes to take. Miss Cindy my therapist told me to stick with it that I can do anything I set my mind to do. Not to get discouraged and don't be embarrassed to ask for help.

Now I am afraid that I won't get all my reading and reviews done. Then taking my test has really got me scared.I keep telling myself and my mom keeps telling me I can do this and I will succeed.So I am giving this my best I am just a little slow on my first week. I have learned this week on how to get around on my computer, to get to the things I need to do.

And each morning I reread my books and the notes I have taken and it has triggered my memory enough to take the practice test.And reading the step by step guide has given me some great ideas. It is a great learning tool. I recommend it to anyone that is having problems comprehending what they are reading.>/b>

Why I jump around so much while I am reading
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, McMinnville, OR.

This was interesting in helping me identify why I jump around so much while I am reading. It has a informative self quiz to take to help identify your strong points and weak points and gave you some great ideas to help you with reading.

INTERACTIVE Reading Comprehension Assessment
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

The focus of this article seems to be on comprehension. Reading comprehension is a crucial part of learning and is essential for successful test taking. The article draws you in with the utilization of an interactive Reading Comprehension Assessment activity and then breaks down the art of successful studying. This is accomplished through things to do before you read, as you read, and after you read.

Before reading, the article recommends setting up your study space. This is achieved by gathering all your supplies ahead of time and making sure the study environment used is conducive to learning. Next, you should scan the chapter looking at major topics. If this information is unfamiliar to you then maybe research it on Google.

As you read, emphasizes reading the chapter from start to finish. Of course, making sure to highlight and make notes along the way.

After you read, you will need to test yourself on the material to assure you are understanding it. Re-read the sections you were not confident with recalling. Repeat the sections you need to until you have a clear understanding of the material being learned. Lastly, review information before going to class or tests.

This article was mostly in line with our current chapter. I liked this article because it utilized an interactive Reading Comprehension Assessment tool to engage its audience. After reading other articles I realize they are all closely related in their theories. There may be slight variations, but all employ the same elementary fundamentals.

Changing how I read textbooks
Nicole Giesbrecht
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

This site is a PDF which contains a reading comprehension assessment that you can use to see the areas that you need to work on to help retain the information that you read in a textbook. The higher the score on your assessment the better you probably process information when reading. I took this test and received a score of 22. At the end of the assessment there are strategies that you can use to better retain information when reading a textbook. Some of these strategies include setting up your study space so that it works best for you, scan the chapter for major points before beginning to read the chapter in its entirety, and actively highlight important information. There are also strategies given that can be used after reading the chapter which include testing yourself on the information you have just read, re-read anything that you got wrong when testing yourself, and repeat these steps until you know the information. What I liked best about this PDF was the assessment because it allowed me to see the things that I need to change about the way I read my textbooks so that I can make sure that I am understanding everything that I read.

Reading Comprehension
Anna Magis-Agosta
Chemeketa Commmunity College, Salem, OR

Reading Comprehension 101: A Step by Step Guidegoes over steps that a student should go through when reading assigned materials. This site first explains to the reader why and how reading comprehension is important.

A chart has been laid out on the website for students to use so they can visually see what steps they take when reading a textbook from a tougher class. It has a list of prompts that students read through and then score themselves based on if they never, seldom, sometimes, often, or always use these prompts. The higher the score is the better for the student because it means they show good comprehension when reading.

The next few sections on the website explains the steps that should be taken when reading. The first step to do before someone even reads is to make sure that there is a worksplace that is setup. This includes all the material needed, for example, computer, word documents, and writing utensils. Also make sure that you have whatever is needed to help you study, music, comfortable chairs, or if you need to stand then you have a space to do so. Next, go through and scan the chapter. Get an idea of what material and content the chapter will be going over by looking at the bold headings and what appears to be the important information in the chapter. By doing so this will allow a person to get a better understanding of what will need to be studied and what the most important parts in the chapter are.

After the chapter has been scanned then go back through and read the first and last sentence in each paragraph. This will help with notetaking and allows the reader to get an even better idea of what important information should be written down for notes. It's another way of familiarizing the content at hand.

All the previous steps are done before someone starts to read the assigned material. The next step is done when reading the material. Once you start reading the material, highlight or take notes actively throughout the reading. It is important to write your notes in your own words because it will make understanding the chapter easier. At the same time, make sure to read at a pace where information can still be processed and to not read too fast. Once the material has been read and has been understood, testing yourself is a good step to do. This can include writing out what you remember, charts, important words, highlighted content, and other information that stuck out. If it is hard to remember some information this will show what will need to be looked over again. After testing yourself then go back through and re-read the sections that still need more studying and understanding. Come up with different ways to help understand and memorize the material. Keep re-reading and testing yourself until you are comfortable enough with the material.

The last step is to review the information before the next class meeting or test. This includes reviewing the chapters, notes, highlighted areas, and anything else that you feel needs to be reviewed more. Review in ways that further your knowledge and understanding of the material by reviewing in groups, taking turns quizzing with another classmate, or even using a tutor. This entire process should make it so you understand the material and can also help others with it.

The purpose of this site is to guide students in a step by step process that will help them understand and remember the material better. This site is really good for people who need help with properly approaching an effective way to read and study the assigned material. I think the fact that it really emphasizes on note-taking shows that is truly an effective way of helping one to remember and understand what they are reading. I didn't realize that that note taking also involves going through and reading the topic headings and highlighted words. This in a sense is a way of mental note-taking because you are noting what is important. This site really helped me better understand how this strategy can truly be effective.

Reading Comprehension
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

If you need help with reading comprehension, this PDF titled Reading Comprehension 101: A Step by Step Guide, provides you with an assessment that's very simple and straight forward. After you complete the assessment there's a nice section of reading that gives you step by step examples and instructions on reading comprehension. I liked this PDF because it's very straightforward and easy to read.

Reading Comprehension
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This paper/site is designed to help people identify how they best need help, and then continue to outline how to get the best results from your reading.

I found this site to be helpful and it was very nicely formatted. I felt the website could have been a little more in depth, perhaps give more examples and alternatives, or perhaps more options for those with alternate learning styles. Overall it is a helpful site.

It emphasized repetition, rehearsal, and review. One way they could have improved this is to involve ways to make certain droll texts, less tiresome and boring to the reader.

How to read your text book
Desiree, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem OR

Out of all the websites I really like Reading Comprehension 101:A Step by Step Guide. It breaks it down into questions you answer from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Then it goes step by step from setting up your work space all the way to reviewing it. I think it is very informative and I will use this in the future.


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