10 Quick Tips for Staying Organized in College

I can do it!
Cheryl, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

This is my first day and I found myself overwhelmed with how I would handle my time. The tips provided have given me a better prospective on how to manage my day, to complete assignments and still have time for personal life. A great way to start!

Important ways to be on point with online Classes
Audrey BBibbs, College Junior
North Iowa Area Community College, Mason City, Iowa

Online Classes are very good for some people, Even myself. You have a schedule for each class throughout the week. Pick days and hours for each class and stick with it. You have to make sure you have no distractions. Also write notes while reading especially when you know is a lot of material on the chapters that are put in a important focus from your teachers. Don't wait until the last minute to turn your assignments in. Also stay in touch with your emails and if you don't understand a work assignment always email your instructor.

10 QUICK steps
College Freshman
Utlimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

This is my first day of class and I'm all over the place thinking I don't have time for anything ,but these steps are very helpful. They help me stay on task. They help me keep my work updated.

Staying Organized
Marian Briscoe, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa Florida

I found all the organization tips to be extremely helpful. I used to be very organized, but as I have gotten older they have slipped away. This was a great reminder on how to stay organized to study, but some also can be applied to daily life.

How to organize your studies
College Freshman
ultimate medical academy, Florida

I found this to be very interesting ways for you to learn the different ways of organizing to have better study habits, while you are attending college.

Time management
Jacob Enos, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

Since I am attending Ultimate Medical Academy online at home. I find it difficult managing school but since I got the helpful hints, there should be no worries here.

Getting things done
Amber williams, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL

This has really helped me fit everything in my daily schedule. Before I had these tips, I could barely get things done and have time for my family. Now, I have time to get everything important done and spend time with my son. This has helped tremendously.

10 tips to organization
Pellerin D., College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL

Reviewing these 10 organizational skills reminded me of how organized I used to be. It is a learned behavior that must be utilized on a daily basis.

Colour coding is a great tool as I am a very visual person and I highlight with different colours according to the priority of what I am reading.

It helps
Jalaundry Cotton, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

All the information provided helps in a lot of ways and is very important for us students to remember these things, especially when it comes to our organizational skills and interpersonal skills and also time management. We need to be focused not interrupted.

If you're having problems reach out for help from your instructor, coaches or life adviser.

I can Do it
Shera Pierce, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, Florida

Today is my first day of school and I didn't know what to think about it. I see that this is not going to be as hard as I thought it was going to be.

My Thoughts
Agnes Purdy, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Florida--Online

Wow! Totally needed this! Being organized is a huge must and this paper gives tons of different ways to handle the issue. I would recommend this for anyone who is taking an online course and have issues with being organized. Especially when it comes to identifying and prioritizing what is most important.

Great Tips
Tupou Tavita, College Freshman
Lincoln High School, Tacoma, Wa

I feel like these tips of study guide help me so much in many ways. By doing this it will help me interact more in my job, exercise and life. I am willing to do anything that will help me to focus in my study. It also helps me apply myself with the best perseverance.

Tips for staying organized
Dena Rice, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Acadmy, Tampa, Florida

This will be great tips to follow. I have the best intentions but always seem to forget something. I am going to apply these tips to my organization and make things much easier on myself. Thanks for the tips.

Discombobulated studier
Savannah Bell, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I am always great with organization and staying on track but when it comes to studying I am just a mess. This has been extremely helpful and I will definately use this like a study guide from now on.

Tips for being Organized
Melissa J. Clark, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL

This is the first week of going back to school after a very long time. So many things to remember! These tips are very helpful in managing by time and work load and will definitely keep me on track.

Hello everyone!
Treva Graves, College Freshman
UMA, Tampa

I start off always wanting to be very organized in my studies, and have everything I need at my fingertips, but somehow I always forget something, if it is no more than just a pencil. Now I'm learning to do things ahead of time and I find it a lot more fulfilling than scrambling to rush for this and that.

These tips help a lot with organization. Learn to turn your work in ahead of time so you won't have to rush and make mistakes. Utilize your time well spent, then you will have room for the leisure moments.

Andrea Deaton, College Freshman
UMA, Clearwater, FL

Im usually an organized person when it comes to work and school. Color coding definately helps! This is my first time taking online courses and Im already finding this to be extremely helpful.

Today was my first day. I don't have a printer to print off weekly syllabuses my school refers to as "roadmaps" so I figured out I'd screen shot the roadmaps on my phone and then "edit" and check off what I've completed thus far.

Your cellphone can be used for more than just reminders. It is definitely looking like it will be my " best friend" through out this new journey. Hopefully this hint helps someone else too!

color coding
Yesenia Hall, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I believe color coding is a great way to find subjects you need to be working on, or to go back on. I also believe this helps out a lot in staying organized.


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