Learning Styles

Awesome idea
Leia Brown, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I loved the way this study used specific examples from movies to show the learning styles. I really liked the use of Kung Fu Panda.

To the Point!
Makayla, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

The website I am reviewing is titled, "Learning Styles" on the website,

I really enjoyed this site because it was simple and to the point. I loved the the movie references because they were all great examples of each of the different ways people learn. The site gave recommendations for other videos that were similar to the one I watched. I also found that I was more interested in the video because it combined learning with something that I do for entertainment, which is watching movies. It enhanced my understanding of the content by giving visual references that I might be able to relate to. I believe this site would benefit many visual learners.

Movie Clips learning styles
Nathan Sillman, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I really liked this YouTube video on the types of different learning styles. It was interesting to see how these movie clips portrayed them. I especially liked the Rain Man clip.

Learning Styles
McKenna, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

McKenna Clark SSP112 October 1, 2015 Learning Styles Learning Styles (examples in movies)

The purpose of this learning style informational YouTube clip was to inform us what the learning styles are and show what they look like. In this video it showed four different types of learning styles and had a corresponding clip. The first was a visual learner which was demonstrated with a Tom Cruise movie showing how a man watched Tom Cruise do something and came to a conclusion.

The next learning style was a tactile or kinesthetic learner. This style was show by the movie Kung Fu Panda where Po was learning how to fight by the Master. Lastly was an auditory learning style which was accompanied by an older movie in which a man was teaching a woman how to use a machine.

This website was informational when it came to learning about the learning styles people used. Not all people know what style they use, but when they look at this site they can narrow down which they use.

Some of the links were videos while others were just reading. The videos were very informative because it caught the eye and mind in a different way. The link above shows the YouTube clip where it shows the learning styles and the clips which helps people visualize what they look like (obviously this kind of informational teaching works very well with visual learners). Noteworthy information included learning the styles. Each link touched on some if not all of the techniques. Overall this website was very informational and everyone who has a different kind of learning style can find something they like and can understand and learn from.

Learning Styles
Amber, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

After watching this video, I would have to guess that I am probably a visual learner. I have read about the different learning styles in my textbooks and online reading but I never understood it until watching this video. Being from the millennial generation, I loved seeing the movie clips and being that I am obviously a visual learner the clips helped as well. I loved this video, and as I said, I did not understand this until I watching this video.

Two thumbs up for this video!
Mckayla Marchand, College Freshman
Chemeketa community college, salem oregon

I loved this video because it was simple, easy and to the point. This video was perfect for all of the visual learners out there with myself included. Sometimes long informational books or documents can be boring, but being able to see how each learning style can be used in everyday life gave me a clear perspective on the topic.

In my opinion, this video can be helpful for anyone. Whether your in middle school or out of college, the examples and wording makes it clear to the audience that this video is about the three learning styles. Overall, this college freshmen gives a two thumbs up!

Well put together
Hannah Montgomery
Chemeketa Community College, Salem OR

I think this video was very well explained. I really enjoyed the way they used popular movie clips to explain each specific learning style. It definitely caught my interest.


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