15 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Lexie Calrk, College Freshman
Chemeketa , Salem Oregon

I have trouble with procrastination. Always have and I want to change that. This article gave me a good understanding on how to stop my procrastination. I like it because it gives you 15 step and tells you how to do each step. It also explains why to do each step. This site also helps better yourself as well as makes bettering yourself a part of the steps to avoid procrastination. An example of this is, improve learning behavior and learn to forgive yourself. This will not only help in avoiding procrastination but help you in life as well.

Procrastination Info with graphics
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This site is designed to help people identify ways to overcome their procrastination so that they can get past their obstacles and succeed.

The site lists the suggestions they have, to combat procrastination, but they are not overly complicated, making it easy to understand. It was very impressive to me that they would not only list the step, but how you can do it, and why it will help you.

I also personally liked that they had graphics to go with. I find people tend to understand, and overall respond to information better if it has pictures to go with it; targets multiple learning forms. I found the bright, bold lettering helpful as well.

Different but Affective Procrastination Techniques
Elizabeth Phillips, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I enjoyed reading all 15 of these tips for beating procrastination. Each little box has the title, but below there is a How-to & Why it helps section. Many times I feel like I read tips but they don't dig deep into why it matters exactly. I actually wrote a few of these down and am going to apply it to my studies for the rest of the term.

15 ways
John Wilson, College Senior
Chemeketa community collage, Salem, OR

I think this is a nice colorful way of teaching people how to beat procrastination. I am a very visual learner, so the best way for me to learn is having a very visual thing to look at.

The way the ideas are presented are clear and easy to understand. It gives you enough information to help you understand better. I think the different colors and fonts really help keep your attention and helps you remember the ideas later.

I like the different size fronts because it gives you an idea of what in the next sentences.

waiting till last min.
Tammy Mcdowell
Chemeketa, Salem

I want to thank you for helping me find different ways not to procrastinate in the world of school, and home. I sometimes feel like ,hey I can do that later I want to relax before the kids get home , but I always remember when I think about it is not going to get me anywhere if I procrastinated on my homework or anything else. A: Three things I have learned about the text. I thought by being a procrastinator was that I was lazy but it doesn't necessarily mean you're lazy. It might be caused by anxiety, fear of failure, or negative perfectionism.

Being a procrastinator is ok does not me you won't get a good grade but you don't want to pull an all nighter.

According to the infographic, one out of every five adults are chronic procrastinators, so we're not alone.

B: 2 Things That I found interesting There is a lot of people who procrastinate and do well in life.

Working in an educational environment helps you not procrastinate.

C.A question I have about the text. How does it work when you have kids and they are sick and you want to baby them? How do you not procrastinate in that area?

Why is it when some people who study all the time sometimes fail and others who procrastinate get better grades?


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