Note Taking Tips for Different Learning Styles

The chewing gum trick
College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

In this link it opens a door into what type of learner you might be by providing a brief look into how a person might learn how to put together a piece of furniture. It provides the reader with 3 different types of learning styles: Auditory learners, Visual learners (which I am), and Kinesthetic learners. For each type of learning style there are several bullet points on how this type of learner will understand learning best. For the Auditory learner a few bullet points are: ? Record lectures, classes, instructions or your own written notes to play back later. ? Have a friend help you study by reading notes out loud . ?Ask questions until you have an understanding of the material being presented.

For Visual learners which I am, some of the bullet points that I found very useful to help me while studying would be:

? Highlighting words and phrases that you want to remember in a text ? Using color codes to organize your notes ? Watch videos that show how something is done ? Use a system of symbols in your notes ? Learn how to mind map and structure information in a visual way

I believe that doing these things will help me to become better at taking notes and also getting important information to stick in my head and i will then begin to really understand the text that I am reviewing.

And last but not least is the Kinesthetic learners, some of the bullet points that i found interesting would be:

? You might find the action of chewing gum while doing a static job will be enough movement to help you concentrate. ? Doing something with your hands while studying can help. Like squeezing a stress ball. ? Rather than just underlining or highlighting important words in a text, use different colored pens to color code the points.

I found these interesting because i tend to chew gum while I study and I find that it not only helps me to concentrate but it also helps me remember what i study. I always try to chew the same type of gum when i study as well as when I am actually taking tests. This way it helps me to stay calm and relaxed the whole time during my test.


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