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On this site, we are presented with a list of things that, as students, will help us stay motivated or to help find that motivation. The list covers things from knowing what to study and having to plan, to making sure you're fed so you can stay alert and motivated.

This information is useful for when one is feeling unmotivated or is unsure how to become motivated for the task at hand, or of a future one. When reading through the material on the site, I was able to understand it all and really think about how this can actually help someone with motivation, especially when it lacks. The information given also helps give a better meaning to what the true outcome of motivation is and how to achieve it.

Tammy Mcdowell
Chemeketa Cmmunity College, Salem,OR

I learned of different ways to motivate myself , even when I feel down about what I am doing. I found different way to get me moving and doing what I need to do. Which I'm hoping will work with me. I am going to try to make a few games with some of the homework

I have as well as setting quiet time and thinking I'm relaxing somewhere else besides my house. And I'm hoping that will help me keep motivated .

A: Three things I have learned about the text. ‚?? Have realistic, positive expectations for yourself ‚?? If you cannot find an intrinsic reason to study a unit of instruction, find an extrinsic incentive. For example, make a game out of it or find a way to relate it to some other goa ‚?? When you are stress find a way to picture yourself somewhere calm and relaxing. B: 2 Things That I found interesting ‚?? Focus primarily on how your effort pays off at academic activities. Resist attributing your success or failure either to your basic ability (or lack of it) or to luck. ‚?? Define effort properly. Effort refers to the productive use of time. Putting in more hours does not necessarily reflect greater effort. Sometimes you may need to learn useful techniques that enable you to make the proper effort for a task. C.A question I have about the text. What are other ways of being motivated when you have kids in them house? How can you decided what matters most when you‚??re trying to motivate yourself?


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How to Study Model

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