Listening Skills for Lectures

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Erin Sheffer, College Senior
University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN

I learned 8 different strategies/habits for becoming a better listener. It also summarized some listening skills that are helpful in paying attention to lectures.

I think this website is an effective tool for enhancing listening. The suggestions are accurate, and will definitely imporove listening skills if practiced. I plan to take the website's advice and practice at least two of the listening strategies so I can become better at paying attention in classes as well as seminars/meetings.

Great Info!!!!
Dawn Frank
Chemeketa Community College , 4000 Lancaster Drive NE Salem OR 97302

Become involved in what is being said. Constantly analyze what is being said. Also cutting out your inner voice is a great skill, but hard to do for me. :-)

Also asking questions helps your mind stay on task.Keeping alert and having eye-contact with the speaker will help you listen more.

Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This website is designed to teach people how to change their mindset to become active listeners.

This website gives examples of one mindset vs. another.

I felt that it was rather ineffective. It oversimplifies how hard it can be to train your mindset. They make it sound as though all you must do is think it and click your heels, like in the wizard of oz. It takes time and a lot of determination to change your mindset. You must create new pathways in your mind.

The ideas and principals are good in theory, but vastly oversimplified.


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