20 Strategies - Stop Procrastinating

ulyana Ermolenko
Chemeketa Community College, OR Salem

This article was very helpful, reading through it actually helped me understand where I need to work on to not procrastinate. The list is very straight forward gets to the important, helpful information. Very easy to read and understand, I like that the key words are bold.

Four things that stood out to me to work on this term are cut off temptations, set up a reward or incentive, suspend your criticism and substitute the mental message. I often get distracted by my phone, facebook or family. I put my phone away and go to a quiet place when I'm studying to avoid any distraction. Also reward myself when I accomplished what I wanted to. Along with doing my homework and assignments a two days before next class. Lastly i'll say that I will do my reading homework after work, . I strongly believe it will help me to improve and not procrastinate anymore and be successful in life.

20 Strategies To Help Me
Amanda Moore, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

Three things I learned

1. Everyone procrastinates to a certain extent. Not just students who are never motivated, even the A students procrastinates, just depends on who and what they are thinking about. 2. If you subdivide tasks into smaller tasks to have the assignment not be as difficult, it could help you not think about better things you could be doing and actually get your assignments done. 3. If you do a task that requires your up most attention and accomplishment, it can give you a feeling of reward, and make you feel better about getting the assignment done. Procrastination will be out of sight out of mind.

Two things I found interesting 1. People make games and put time limits on tasks to make sure they accomplish what they needed to do and it makes them feel better knowing they didn't procrastinate and got their assignment done in a timely matter.

2. Imagining terrible consequences about not getting your assignment done will motivate you to get the assignment done and avoid procrastinating, because who wants a bad grade?

One question I have 1. Is there more than 20 strategies? Because what if the 20 strategies that already exist end up not working for a student? Maybe there should be at least 40.


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