3 Powerful Techniques to Beat Procrastination

Great Youtube!
CynthiaRapp, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy , Tampa, Florida Online

This presentation is set in YouTube, just my style. It teaches 3 practical and easy ways to beat procrastination. I plan on using every single one. I'm pretty bad about putting off my homework.

The first one shows you how to break tasks down into small tasks that take 10 minutes each. Then you can put hard tasks in between easy ones.

The second one has you ask yourself three magical questions. When you feel like procrastinating you can get out a piece of paper and answer these three questions, and it works like magic to get you moving again.

The third one will definitely keep me from torturing myself. I will learn how to change homework from something I can put off into seeing myself as a healthcare assistant or manager! I hope you enjoy thins YouTube. I definitely recommend it for procrastinators like me.

Great Youtube Video
Desiree, HS Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem OR

I love how this u tube video is put together. There are three techniques that they use. #1.Ten minute rule- the example they used was getting fit. Say you start exercising, don't start right away doing 30 minutes a day, start out with a 10 min warm up.

#2. The three magical questions- ask yourself these questions if your struggling. 1. Where are you? 2. What do you want to do? 3. How will you feel after doing it? The example they use is a man sitting at his desk wanting to get a project done and he does not know where to start, so he is pretending he is working. He needs to ask himself these 3 questions. 1. Where are you? "at my desk" 2. What do you want to do? Get my paper done by 5pm. 3. How will you feel after doing it? Proud of himself. The last technique is Ultimate goal-immediate desire the example they use is smoking. Would you rather fulfill your goal of stop smoking or would you rather have nasty breath. It's pretty cool how it was all laid out for you. Good video.

3 powerful techniques to beat procrastination YouTube video review
Jordan Bailey
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

I personally loved this YouTube video. I tend to retain information better from videos. The first thing it talks about is the ten minute rule. I need to try and practice this myself. It says to make your goal seem easier you should break your goals into smaller amounts of time. About five to ten minutes. This will make your task seem less overwhelming.

The second is to write down the three magic questions. 1. Where are you? 2.What do you want to do? 3.How will you feel after doing it? This will help you imaging yourself doing the task and motivate you to do so.

The third technique is \" Ultimate goal vs immediate desire\". Which is where you put off your immediate desire and do your ultimate goal now. You ask yourself what would you prefer and tell yourself the pros of doing your ultimate goal. This will help motivate you and keep you from procrastinating.

Procrastination and the Three Rule Technique VIDEO
Deborah Jean, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I really enjoyed the video "3 Powerful Techniques to Beat Procrastination." I don't procrastinate very much but the speaker did use an example I could relate to right now in my life, which is quitting smoking. I currently have quit smoking and am still in early days. I found all three rules applicable to that situation.

The first mentioned rule called the "10-minute rule" I use for my school work and for house chores as well. It is much easier to break big jobs into smaller pieces, especially when they are daunting. I really utilize this technique and love the fact that it applies to many different situations. I can look at quitting smoking as a day at a time instead of thinking of quitting forever. If I am having an urge I can break a day into one minute at a time.

The "3 magical questions" were very smart. The speaker considered many techniques we learned in our text during this powerful step. The first question of asking yourself where you are sets yourself up for being mindful and also visualizing getting the work done. The second question of asking yourself what you want to do might seem like you are simply answering with something such as "get this work finished" but you are setting an immediate goal for yourself. The final question provides the reward when you say to yourself "How am I going to feel after this work is done?" I love the ease of it as I have a family member who procrastinates on many things and something simple like this technique could be perfect for her, as if it were any harder she might not complete it. I also see these as a great fit for quitting smoking as it is good to have a goal and something to focus on such as a reward.

The final technique mentioned was using "Ultimate goal vs. Immediate goal." This is something I must do to keep good grades in school and run a household. It is a very valid point. If I was to give in to immediate goals I would not get much done. I remember every day the bigger picture. The speaker's point about switching those around if you start procrastinating is a solid one. I can see how having one cigarette is not worth it if I want to quit, as my ultimate goal is to live a smoke-free, healthy life. I will remember this key point if I ever get tempted as I did go back after ten years of not smoking because of an immediate goal. Overall, I loved these simple to remember points. I also enjoyed that the techniques are easy to use. I am so glad I watched this video even though I don't procrastinate much with work I can see how they are valuable in other parts of your life too.

Procrastination VIDEO
McKenzie, HS Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I loved this video because it walked me through the steps of how to deal with procrastination! I feel like sometimes watching videos rather than listening would benefit me more when I am learning and it also is a different and fun way to learn the material.

The first thing that it says to do is to break down your time. Chunk your work so that it isn't too overwhelming. To do so, you should chunk each task for about 5-10 minutes.

The second thing to do is to rite down the three questions. #1. Where are you? #2 What do you want to do? #3 How will you feel after doing it? This will help you plan how you are going to do the task in a timely manner and make you feel less overwhelmed. This will also help you feel more motivated.

The third thing you should do is the "Ultimate goal vs. immediate desire". This is where you do what needs to be done then and put off your desire until later. You ask yourself what you should be doing and what you prefer to do.

All of these tips will help you avoid procrastinating as well as lower your stress level and motivate you to get things done!


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