Effective Listening

2 most important tips for listening
College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

This site was pretty helpful. It went over 10 basics to effective listening, which ended up teaching me a few things. The ones I most need to follow are probably "leave emotions behind" and "avoid hasty judgements". It also has a list of essential aspects of note taking. These include the 5 Rs of note taking. Recording, Reducing, Reciting, Reflecting, and Reviewing

Effective Listening
Emily Day, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

This site gives you the basics in a nutshell for listening and understanding what you are hearing and trying to learn. I really took into consideration that some of these things I need to work on myself and really hear what needs to be heard.

Easy listening steps
Brad Parksion, HS Freshman
Chemeketa Communuty College, Salem, OR

This site is teaching me how to work on my listening skills. These steps are easy to follow once you get the hang of if.

4 most important
HS Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This listening site begins with listing 10 of the basic first steps on how to be an effective listener. I picked 4 that I thought were the most helpful to myself and the ones that improved my listening skills.

1.Get rid of distractions 2.Get the main points

3.Desire to become a better listener

4.Stop talking and Look at the speaker.

Also the 5 R's of note taking: Recording, Reducing, Reciting, Reflecting, Reviewing helped to have a set process to follow. These tips helped me to Learn the quick basics in order to put these steps into my reviewing of the current chapter reading and reviewing from the start, which helped me to absorb more information faster than I would normally. I also used what I learned from this class and used it on my other courses to be more efficient on listing and remembering what I took notes on.

Effective Listening
Douglas Shearer, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I found this article very useful and it goes excellent with note taking skills. The five Rs of Recording pertinent information, Reducing quantity, reciting, reflecting (probably the most useful) that encourages the learned ideas and reviewing that enables practiced performance.

Jessica Joseph, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I found this article to be the most direct and accurate as far as listening. I personally am a very hands on learner/listener so I must take notes, draw diagrams, mind maps etc in order to retain the most out of a lecture. The part of this article I found most helpful to add to what I already do is to reduce. I feel that if I could work on reducing my notes into key points or ideas that will easily reference the topic and information in my mind it would be more helpful for me than shuffling through countless papers to find the information that I need.

Effective listening
Maria Garcia, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

Effective listening is an important role in life. If people don't listen or pay attention to things than they don't learn or understand. The basic rules for effective listening is that you pay attention and that if you need to ask questions. I feel that if I don't look at the person I feel like I am being side tracked and distracted of the things around me.

I was a person who used to jump to conclusions all the time and most of the time I was incorrect in my information and on my answer. I now pay attention because I learned my lesson from past experience this is very important information to know and practice to learn to avoid distractions as well around us.

The five points to taking notes is as well very important if you practice these 5 steps you will do the same throughout other note taking. I have tried this as well and it has worked for my notes, assignments and also quizzes.

simple and basic
Braegan Lovegrove, College Freshman
Chemeketa community college, Salem OR

Very easy to follow. This site was helpful. It went over 10 simple basics to achieve effective listening. I actually ended up learning a few things. Sometimes I tend to zone out when being lectured. I am going to try these tips and hopefully I can stay engaged and focused!

Good Basics of Effective Listeing
Nathan Sillman, College Freshman
Chemeketa, Salem, OR

This article started off great with eleven basics for effective listening. All of which seemed very logical. Then the article described the five R's of note taking. All good stuff to keep in mind while trying to be an effective listener.

Harsh but fair
James Bovee
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

"Effective Listening" is extremely direct. It minces no words in giving its basic steps. It directly states what you should do to listen effectively so that there is no confusion or interpretation in its method. But it is because listening properly is simple and straightforward just like its method.

After the list of basics it softens in tone and describes the 5 "R's" of note taking from the Cornell Method, which is a classic and effective note taking strategy.

I found both sections to be helpful, as the first section said what I needed to hear about my habits listening so I can process the information given clearly and the second section so I can store that information effectively. If you would like to see if this information will be effective for you, you can go to:

Basic and to the point
Dana, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

The writer gives 11 Ways to become an effective Listener followed by the 5 R's of Note taking. The 11 basics of becoming an effective listener is just that; basic. However, because of its lack of mincing words so to speak, it gets the point across with no explanation needed.

I loved where it explained that reflecting is meant to happen: That a college education/course is meant to make you think or reflect on ideas. Wow!

Effective listening
College Freshman
Chemeketa, Salem OR

This site was helpful not only giving you 11 basics listening skills but ways to improve your note taking skills. One example of a listening skill and one I didn't realize I needed to do is: Listen for what is not being said. I think that will be helpful in the future. The note taking system is based on the 5 Rs: recording the main idea, reducing is to summarize,reciting the lecture notes,reflecting is think about what you learned, and reviewing not just once but throughout.If you follow these tips you will find studying much easier than before.

Effective Listening
Susan Jordan
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I appreciated this article because it pointed out several things that I often do while listening that hinders my attention and ultimately my comprehension. Leaving my emotions behind will enable me to focus on what is being said. That plays directly into my biggest trap, arguing mentally. I often do this when I am listening to something that I do not fully agree with or have a better idea on. Overall, I thought this was a very useful list.


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