Lectures and taking notes

Technology for note taking
Mark Fagerstrom, Grad
School of Urban Mission, Oakland, CA

This is an excellent article - though a little dated. The microphones of today's digital recorders are usually capable of picking up lectures from a moderate distance. Use one with 'timecode' numbers. While taking notes, if there is a particularly difficult section or a point of great interest, refer to the timecode on your recorder and write the numbers down in the margin of your notes. When reviewing your notes, fast forward to the timecode in your margin. That way, you won't have to listen to the whole lecture again.

Use a digital camera to take pictures of diagrams on the whiteboard. Turn off the flash, it is distracting. Most classrooms have enough ambient lighting and most picture software will allow for lighting correction, enough to at least review the image and remind you of the diagram.

taking notes during a lecture
khettab djedjiga
Canada College, Redwood City CA

I like this article. I learned so much from it because I am not a good note taker. I always have difficulties when I listen to a lecture because I ignore something important. When I read this article, I found my weakness which is listening carefully during a lecture. We have just to write key words. I always try to write complete ideas while the lecture is going on, so I found myself missing a lot of points.

From this article i learned what to do before the lecture, during the lecture, and after the lecture. I found also this article very interesting because it gives tips to different types of learners how to take notes.

Tammy Nickel, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I found it very interesting that it says that "it's more important to listen than to take notes." I have always believed that taking notes during the lecture was the most crucial thing to do, but now I will listen more, and take most of my notes immediately following the lecture, while it's still fresh.

Recorder and camera to class
shannan b
Chemekata Community College, Salem, OR

I really like this article and so does my wife. It just verifies what I have been telling my wife about taking a recorder and her camera to class, because she can't remember any thing she heard, and can' write fast enough to keep up with the lecture. Their are a lot of great pointers.

Lecture notes
Amparo Marshall
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon.

This is a great website. It has tons of really useful information and it is easily understood. I really think this information will help me take better notes in the future.

Take Note
Jeffrey Riley-Loy, College Freshman
Chemeketa Comunity College, Stayton, OR

Effective note taking is a skill many students never bother to learn, reasoning that a single read of a textbook or hearing a lecture once is enough for them to understand the subject material. This is far from the truth however, as taking notes becomes an essential skill after, or sometimes during your high-school years. This article provides a building point for those who have very little note-taking skill, and supplements the skills of those more experienced.


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