No-Nonsense Note Taking

Makes Sense: No-nonsense notetaking
Tara Brock, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I can relate to this method of note taking. I always try to sit up close so that I can hear the instructor speak. Being closer always makes it easier to ask questions to the instructor.

This article gave me some great suggestions to take notes in your own words. I will definitely be trying this and it may help me better understand harder subjects.

The article also mentions reviewing your notes daily and often as possible. This may be a great way to remember more material.

no-nonsense notes
College Sophomore
Chemeketa community college, salem oregon

This was as the title describes a no nonsense way to taking notes. There was 15 steps stated in this site and most are common sense like, showing up for class on time. This site makes suggestions such as making sure to title and date your notes, take notes in your own words, and to use pen, because it last longer. The site suggests to leave a space in your notes if you fall behind and to get the missing information from the teacher later. If you can't ask questions in lectures or during class write them down and ask later. The last step is to always review your notes.

I think this was a very no nonsense way of learning to take notes. Though it doesn't go over specifically how to take notes or what ways to store the information. I did find this site helpful in that it does tell you to pay attention to the pitch and tone of your instructor for clues as to what is important, or when a main point is going to be discussed, so that as a note taker you get the important information from your lecture. I think if that I have been given better in dept details on note taking but this was a fast and easy to understand approach to learning how to be prepare for taking notes.


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