Motivation Techniques
Amy Lake, College Junior
Chemeketa Community college, Yamhill Valley Campus

With 21 different motivation and suggestions for changing my thinking, this article really gives me some options for getting me motivated. I like the fact it is divided into four categories to help you evaluate and use what works for you individually.

Motivation Techniques
Michael Pace, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This was the best motivation site in my opinion. I liked that is was full of info and tips. A lot of the other sites seemed to be full of obvious motivation techniques. This one took a unique approach and sets a forgiving tone for when you can't motivate yourself you had hoped. I especially have always believed and practiced making difficult tasks easier for myself, such as studying so I was really pleased to see it in the article.

Logical Motivation Strategies
Arielle Brown, HS Senior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This PDF file had logical and sensible ways to help with motivation. It didn't say something such as "Make yourself do it.", which in my opinion is the problem, not being able to make yourself do it. This file gave information that was truly useful and practical such as making goals into a little competition with friends. Since I am extremely competitive this is a great thing for me to do. All of the tips that are presented make sense!

Kevin Jewell, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

i really enjoyed this version of motivation. It talks about identifying goals, recognizing roadblocks, figuring out ways to get past said roadblocks and treating yourself on completing the goals. Like most people I enjoy the treats but most of the time do not enjoy the work. However, after reading this website i realized i may be able to enjoy the work as well. All I need to be able to do is to find something to motivate me to do the actual work. The treat of course is a factor, but that's after it's done. i should find something about the homework i like or don't like and find a way to make it a challenge. I, personally enjoy overcoming challenges and feeling like i have accomplished something. That would be my main motivation.

i strive harder
marquetta catchings, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, FL

Motivation to me is a big step within my life itself. Motivation is the key element that plays an important role in most peoples lives. Personally I use self-motivation skills to go about my day and to keep me on the right path in life. During the times within my life I haven't always done the right things are would always be like I'm not going to make it or succeed. Well I took my first step within school to make a change for me and for my kids to become a better role model for them. Motivation has helped me become the person I am today. I'm wise, smart, more confident with myself and others. I take pride in everything I do and going to do from this day forward and strive for the best.

Will and Motivation
Bonnie McCone, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

With the Motivation Techniques from Oregon State, the focus of HOW to accomplish tasks begins with WHY do them at all?

Yes, this makes total sense. Whatever I think I can do, I can do. Whatever I think that I cannot do, I can't. Either way I am correct. (Henry Ford, paraphrased).

Twenty-one easy to understand approaches to motivation are written here for anyone to follow. Those are grouped into four major categories: 1) CHANGE YOUR THINKING 2) MAKE THINGS EASIER FOR YOURSELF 3) JUST GET STARTED 4) CREATE REWARDS and GENERATE ACCOUNTABILITY

I took extensive notes and pondered these things deeply. I know that these techniques will propel me on to bigger and better things. These are great (& simple enough) tools for a child to utilize in becoming successful in any area of life.

Great Techniques
Rabecca Moreno
Chemeketa Community College , Salem, OR

This was a very interesting site and I really enjoyed it. I can say I have problems with motivation to do anything. After reading this site it gives me great techniques that I can use to help with my problem. Anyone that has problems with motivation should read this PDF.

I have good motivation
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I really only read this because it was an assignment. I feel like I have great motivation to work hard. If you can't find motivation on your own, definitely read the article. It could help you break things down so you can get motivated to continue, start, or finish.

Motivation Techniques
Anna Magis-Agosta, College Junior
Chemeketa Commmunity College, Salem,OR

There are four sections: change your thinking, make things easier for yourself, just get started, and create rewards &generate accountability, that are broken down into individual steps. Each step is laid out in a way that is organized so the reader can follow and apply these steps to their own life.

This resource helps a person find an organized way of becoming motivated, staying motivated, and being motivated. The contents in this page are designed as a check-list type format so someone can use it for themselves by going through each technique and using it for their needs. The techniques on this page are to be used as motivational tool because of the way it is formatted.

I found the information on this page to be very useful. Due to the format of how the webpage is laid out it is easy to navigate. I can use the information to create my own chart of how to stay be motivated and stay motivated by using the techniques given.

Each section gives an example that people can relate to. For example, it explains that you don't want to overwhelm yourself by looking at the entire picture. Instead make a realistic goal and completion time for something. That way you know it can be accomplished rather than being overwhelmed by a completion time that is not realistic. Instead of being told do it this way, this way is the right way, this resource explains tools that are useful but the reader can choose what works best for them. That is very important because when someone is told that something will work for them and they don't have a choice I believe motivation automatically goes down. If a person has a choice and can figure out what works best for them their motivation goes up.

Thanks For The Guide To Success
Shannon , College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem

In high school I always wondered why other students were so excited about school and so involved in class, but this site answered that for me. I now understand that those students were the ones who always got A's because they had developed intrinsic motivation. They were curious and wanted to learn new things to apply to their future. I want to do the same. A really great piece of advice was to at the end of the day take some time to review what you learned in your studies that day. Keep the mind busy with what you're learning to get it locked in there.

From this site I also learned that a good way to start something is to ease into it by applying just 10 minutes to the beginning. I never thought about this before, but if you start with the hardest task first then it will be much more encouraging to yourself to work some more because you only have the easy tasks left to do. Another thing I found interesting was a tactic to beat procrastination, and that is by taking note of how I pull myself into procrastination. When I isolate what I do that leads to procrastination I can then focus on fixing that action or habit.

After reading, this site just left me with one question: What do you do if you know what your issues are that lead to procrastination and when you try to fix them you can't?

Motivation Techniques
Serena Bischoff, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

So, a few things that I have learned or not thought of is developing a mantra of what motivates me. I can see how this would help in motivating me to get things done, if I had something to look at and feel better about the task. The second thing, I already know; I just have to make myself do it. I need to minimize distractions and will help me accomplish and stick to a schedule with a right set up. Last, I learned a technique of what is called, "pointing yourself down hill". Which is taking note of what I have left to do at the end of day; then see what I have left to do and then where to start right back up again. One of the things I have found interesting is making sure to take breaks, but not just any breaks. Finding good stopping points and not power study, because you can overload your brain. This has happened to me and I got all kinds of information scrambled in my head. The second interesting thing I found, is not taking it all at once, This goes with what the the first thing I found interesting. One question I have is, How do you pretend like your productive, because I have know Idea?


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