Harvard Report on Reading

I've Wasted So Much Time
Tamara Somerville, College Junior
Kaplan University, Illinois

I wish someone would have told me this so many years ago. I am so accustomed to doing what I am told. I've never had the courage to just skip ahead or ask what is the objective of this passage ,though I love reading. I often have to read text book chapters more than once for understanding. My husband told me I should read the chapter objective and then search for that information. I alawys thought the publisher wouldn't have wasted all those extra words if they were not important. Besides the assignment was to read the chapter. You've just saved me so much time. Thank you.

Reading - Obedient Purposelessness?
College Senior
UAF, Fairbanks, Alaska

I think this document makes a really important point, that I feel is often not realized enough in our school system. That is, what this article calls "obedient purposelessness" I find quite prevalent both in high school and in college. Teachers tell students what to do and they do it. They tell students to read a book or regurgitate information, and students do it. Not because they really want to or care about the material, or, more importantly, even learn from completing the assigned task, but because they were told to and thus just did it.

I think in the modern day and age students should be more compelled to think creatively and give their own ideas and input on reading or some assignment, rather than simply regurgitate material or do what they were told. And I think this is very important to keep in mind as both a student and a tutor.

College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, FL

I never think of to read the summary first, but I will try this and let you know how it works. Thanks for the suggestion.

Harvard Report on Reading
joyzanne Gretzinger, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Havard teacher wanted to see if 1500 student could find the main idea.Of a thirty page book only 15 student could show him the proper way to do this. I could use this by example of the way you should not study.The student who wrote in the book on the page or on the side showed him their main idea of what was in the book and showed him a different way of studying a using different tool such as skimming or looking thought the book. It was interesting that the student looked at studying not as a part of but as a whole.

College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

This article was very helpful to me because I have always felt I need to had read everything word for word for been scared of missing something and failing the class. I never thought how helpful it would be to just read the summary and /or the descriptive flags. Thanks I am sure this will help me with my future classes.

Thank you
College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa Florida

I just want to say thank you for that small but wonderful detail. I was a little worried when I decided to do online classes because I do have problems understanding in my reading and have to read it multiple times. I will definitely use this.

Harvard Report Secret on Reading
Amy Lake, College Junior
Chemeketa Community college, Yamhill Valley, OR

This was a very interesting summary of what a professor did. I did not realize that most of us try to read the pages word for word instead of trying to read a summary first so we know what to expect or to help us get more out of our reading. I have implemented some of the different suggestions, but will try to implement more.

Don't get bored. Skim for info.
Klain Pippert, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Salem, OR

I really liked how is shows how we don't actually have to read the entire reading material. They say that we have to know what we want to take out of the reading. We then as they say skim the reading looking for what we want to take from the reading. I really like this because I don't particularly like reading, so this gave me a good way to still get the info I need out of the reading without giving up because I get bored.

Harvard does it right
Sal Reedus, College Freshman
Creighton University , Omaha NE

When asked to read and review this document I found that the way in which we read is usually wrong. The students who read the main points first are the ones ahead of the curve in college. Most of us lack that savvy and since we lack it we must be taught it.

Review #6
Kelli Miezio
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

I though this really interesting and comforting at the same time. I learned last term in my RD115 class how to find the main points of an article or chapter without reading the whole thing. This article reassured me that I don't have to read the whole boring chapter, I just need to be able to "pick out" the important information.


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