25 Ways to Improve Motivation and Concentration

Motivation and Concentration Review
College Freshman
Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa CA

I know I have an issue with keeping myself motivated and concentrated on my goals. These easy steps will help me build my motivation and time management skills for studying. I found the idea of making a schedule and setting study goals for myself to be very helpful, since I tend to have a scattered and busy schedule.

Finals are coming up and I know these strategies are going to keep me on top of things. I have lots of time to improve to reach my academic goals, and the excercise would be rewarding too!

How to concentrate and motivate yourself better
Alexandra Trujillo
Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa

This category gave me a lot of good ideas on how to motivate myself better when it comes to studying. What I will take from this source is that I should not study all at one time. I should take breaks frequently to let the information that I just read to sink in.

Also that it is okay to ask for help when you didn't understand the lecture that was given that day. This source helped me a lot, especially since it is almost finals week and I am having a hard time staying focused.

Study: Noise or Quiet?
HS Freshman
Crafton Hills, Yucaipa, CA

This article was very helpful to me.When I study I'm always in a noisy place and I always think to myself I"m fine to study here.So I have been testing it out and studying in quiet places and I am seeing great results.

Need help with motivation and concentration?
Cathy Pratt, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, McMinnville, Oregon

I found this site to be a great resource for me. Here are 25 tips to help improve motivation and concentration. You will be able to download the pdf file as well as print. If you''re having trouble getting started on a task or if you have issues concentrating you will find a lot of information here to help you get started.

Tips for Motivation & Concentration
College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

These tips on motivation and concentration really help. I find my myself breaking up my assignments into small steps and completing them. I've also found being in a quiet place useful. Getting enough sleep and eating healthy are ways to concentrate better. I hope you get to use some of these tips, because they really are helpful.

Amy Yeaple, College Junior
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

I found the list in 25 Ways to Improve Motivation and Concentration very informative, and I also realized that I already do several of the things on the list. The list is also way more detailed than some of the others that I saw, and I will definitely be using it as a reference from now on.

25 ways
Kayleaka Koivu
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

This site was very useful to me. I loved how the whole site went straight to the point. By having the site get straight to the point, I was able to learn ways to stop procrastination. I found all 25 ways to be very meaningful and helpful to my future success.

25 Ways to Improve Motivation and Concentration
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Or

This article lists many ways to improve concentration and motivation. Some of the recommendations work both in a class room setting and while studying on your own. I was surprised by how many were not obvious, skills that I've practice and many that I was unfamiliar with. One that I found particularly interesting included using an icon for studying, like a hat or a totem. You can wear or display it only when you're studying. Over time you begin to associate that item with a studious state of mind and it's supposed to help propel your efforts. It also mentions two systems that I had to reference, alternate nostril breathing and SQ3R. The breathing technique, also known as Nadi Shodhan, involves alternating between your 'active' and 'inactive' nostril: the process involves inhaling through one side, exhaling on the other. I took a few minutes to try it and found it a little uncomfortable, so I'm not sure how it was supposed to relieve stress. The other system, SQ3R, is a way of previewing and reviewing reading material. It's supposed to help with retaining knowledge, which makes sense because you essentially read the material three times. Many of the improvements are pretty obvious. Getting enough sleep in a 24 hour period is kind of obvious. Taking regular breaks when doing long study sessions helps with stress buildup and retain information. However, learning to relax before, during and after studying speaks volumes to me. The Art of Living., Study guides and strategies. Robinson, Francis Pleasant. New York; Harper & Row.

Motivation site review
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem,OR

I found this site's multiple strategies to be quite helpful. I have already tried a few of them and have noticed that i'm able to focus and concentrate better than before. Some of the other sites offered similar or different strategies but i like this site in particular.

Mariah, College Freshman
Chemeketa, Salem Oregon

I like the title of the site which caught my eye at first. But getting into the website I was a little disappointed. I guess it's kinda bland and straightforward which can be good or bad. But the information was great! I felt it was very accurate!

Checkout this list of 25 ways to improve your motivation and concentration
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Twenty-five Ways to Improve Motivation and Concentration is a list of suggestions how to get motivated when you cant concentrate. The overall purpose is to provide several effective ways one can motivate themselves.

Ways of improving motivation include controlling your environment to be free of distractions, getting adequate amounts of sleep, taking breaks where you reflect on what you've studied, setting realistic goals, allowing enough time to study, relaxing your body, and using breathing techniques.

All of those suggestions I highlighted are where I personally have room to improve. Often my environment involves my children screaming and when I take breaks I do something else I enjoy doing other than reflecting on what I've studied.

One point I found interesting is that the suggested 7-9 hours of sleep per 24 hour period suggestion advised it didn't need to be all at once. I didn't know that broken up sleep could still be helpful despite not being one long stretch.


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