Concentration and Memory - Concentration Tips

Con cen tra ting
Saul Pineda, College Sophomore
Montgomery College, Olney, Maryland

I think that the reasons listed in this review are real and objective. I recommend strongly to follow those instructions in order to get the most information in our cerebellum and retain it.

College Freshman
Austin Community College, Round Rock ,TX

There is a lot of information I think can help me in being able to concentrate better. There are also many different helpful tips in which ways of studying are more productive. Being able to concentrate has been a big problem for me and I think this will help out a lot.

very helpful!
Amber sellers, College Freshman
uma (ultimate medical academy), Tampa, Florida

These tips on how to concentrate on my school work seem to be very helpful. I have a very hard time concentrating because of my attention deficit disorder. All the tips and helpful hints in the concentration links have helped a lot. I am able to finish my school work and have time to do extra and still remember what I have read days later.

Concentration and Memory- Concentration Tips Review
Maria Ramos, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This website also offered two fairly short videos. I like that it has the video option for people who learn better visually. The videos go over a lot of the same information covered in the handouts but allows the user to watch and listen instead of having to read all the handouts and learning links.

I found I retained the information better after reading the handouts and then watching the video.

The website also offers learning links that are published by different universities throughout the United States which provides a ride range of diversity. Overall I found this website extremely helpful and will recommend it to family and friends.

rRview concentration tips
Monika, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

There are a few things different between high school and college studying habits. One of the things to change is your study habits. First be able to find places with the least possible distractions. Secondly be able to find time to study for little period of times and not to cram everything in. Thirdly be able to stay motivated.

A great way to help with memory is being able to recite your notes but without having to look back at your notes. Make connections is another good thing to have so that you are able to recall the connection to that certain information. Be able to overlearn because it helps stay in your memory longer and hopefully becomes permanent. Schedule your study time so that your cramming everything in at the last minute and it remains to study after a test so it can stick in your memory.

The mature mind...
Joe Araujo, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, SALEM,OR

Being a mature man, I find my memory a bit lagging these days. However, reading this article gave me useful tools that I will put into place. Finding the right place to study is hard in a busy house. I have carved out a corner in a room where I can focus.

Studying in the daylight hours was also a helpful hint because I find at night my mind requires more down time then when I was younger.

Lisa, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community college, Salem, Oregon

The tips from the Dartmouth Academic skills center that I found useful are: study in chunks, use daylight hours, rank your three classes, study actively and find the right place to study.

For me studying my work in small amounts at a time is better for my eye sight. Getting a good night rest is also best for me. Having a time to study is important and having one place where I do all my work is helpful for me to keep track of all my classes.

Wonderful site with great resources
william whitney, College Freshman
Chemeketa, Salem,Oregon

What I liked most about this website was the many resource links to help find content easily. I liked the layout since it was very structured and didn't feel cluttered like some of the other sites I've visited. The Coloring was easy on the eyes and very easy to navigate. With this sites many resources, I'll be sure to bookmark it so I can use it for future reference.

Dartmouth Academic Study Skills Center
DAWN WINTERSTEIN, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

Dartmouth University Academic Skills Center A comprehensive site with links to many academic study skill exercises. Here you will find many links to downloadable documents such as, How to Retain Information, How to study Actively, and many other useful links. There is also a Strategic Learning Video that can be watched.

I downloaded the files and watched the video and I have to say this is some very useful study skills information. You can learn a variety of habits that maybe you didn't have before. I especially like the ability to download these documents and having the opportunity to go over them again throughout my college experience and further on into my career and life in general.

There are also some links to external sites that I found useful such as the one called Improving Your Memory. When you click on this link it takes you to Texas A&M Universities website for student counseling. Although you can't download it I recommend you look at the page and read about the different ways you can Improve your memory.

McKenzie, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I like how the website has a video to go along with the tips that are listed on the website. I also like how it has bullet points which you can click and it leads you to a link where it gives you tips on that particular topic. For example, when I clicked "How to retain information", it lead me to a document that had numbered tips for how to help. It goes into how we use defensive forgetting; that's when we remember the more unpleasant things more rather than the pleasant things.

The "Concentration Tips" link lead me to a page that had different font, but made the page interesting. I liked how the tips relate to what I've read in my book in my class. For example, creating a study environment, when to study, and how to study and concentrate are a few things we learned about in my book.


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