Improve Concentration

2 tips to concentrate better
Amy, College Junior
Chemeketa Community college, McMinnville, OR

I find these are great suggestions and tips for concentration. I especially like the one about having a place to study specifically and short breaks.

Good Tips!
Kate G, College Senior
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK

This is a great resource because it lists a wide range of common distractions (both external and internal) and simple ways to deal with them. It also helps you evaluate if there are factors in your studying that impact your productivity. Check it out!

Tips for improving concentration
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I enjoyed reading the tips for improving concentration when studying, especially the part that teaches to study in 30 minutes increments instead of studying for hours straight.I actually was able to apply this principle in my history class and it does works well.

I did both, read in 30 minutes increments and also studied for about 2 hours straight. My brain was able to keep the information more clear and I was able to remember more of the information studying for 30 minutes increments, but the information gained through studying two hours straight is less clear and the amount that I remember was less.

Keeping your focus
Richard Henley, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I never would've thought the middle of the night was the best time to study for me. However this website confirmed that! There's less going on with the outside world to distract me and my minds at its sharpest then. I will definitely be doing the majority of my studying in the middle of the night now! This websites great just because of all the small tips. I never would've thought to take short breaks during my studying.

Article in Relation to What I Learned
Deborah Jean, College Sophomore
Chemeketa Community College, Salem

I found the article Improve Concentration very helpful to remind me to utilize the techniques we have learned during this term in this class. From first to last, they are all supportive of our text and helpful to remember.

1 This item discusses realizing what distractor is getting our mind to wander off and if it is internal or external. I like this since it simply makes the point to find the issue and correct it. We learned many internal and external distractors so I am familiar with what to look for.

2 This tip suggests taking short breaks because our mind cannot remember too much information at once. This ties right back to working memory and how we learned about overload and spaced practice. I also think of the magic 7+/-2 rule and how that would apply here.

3 Set study session goals-This was discussed during our time this term and how this keeps us focused during our study time because we know what we are to do instead of wondering where to begin or what to work on.

4 Cutting our work into smaller pieces-this is another way of discussing chunking down. Chunking down has become one of my favorite new habits after learning this in class because I have found that taking on smaller loads does work better. This tip is a good reminder of that.

5 This tip discusses not studying in bed. Finding a study space that is neat, tidy and comfortable with two sources of lighting is also a learned topic. Keeping work in your bed doesn't give you good rest, as well as it not being an adequate study space.

6 Using the best time of day to study also reminds me of our work in class. We went over this to this tip also reminds me of the techniques we learned and how to apply them, but using everyday language. I am a morning person and do well getting harder subjects and tasks done first thing in the day.

7 Resist temptation to do lower priority tasks first. We learned about facing our hardest subject first, so this is a great review and reminder of that technique. I have found this to be true. Once I get the hard task out of the way, the rest of the day I can let my mind relax some since it is getting tired from the harder work anyway.

8 Taking care of yourself. This is so important for me for the fact that I have chronic illness. If my body gets the slightest bit tired, malnourished, or sick and I am not able to work up to par. My memory is already suffering from medication and learning issues, so I pay attention to this as best as I can for my work and my life.

9 Visiting a success coach sounds like a wonderful idea.


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How to Study Model

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