Mind Maps - A Powerful Approach to Note Taking

mind maps
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

This site I think was the best. It showed the information in a straight forward way, helping to teach you how to make proper visual notes. For me this site was very educational and I look forward to implementing what I have learned.

Extremely helpful!!!
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This site was interesting as well as informational on the concept of mind mapping. The video was very helpful on having a clear understanding on how to create your own and showed some great examples! It also contained a ton of other tools to help students who grow tired of writing page after page of notes!

Mind map review
Michael Pylant
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I really like this link because it gives you a helpful video on what a mind map is. It also has a whole review on how to effectively draw a mind map and why it is so effective.

A Mind Mapping Method
Jeffrey Riley-Loy, College Freshman
Chemeketa Comunity College, Stayton, OR

Mental mapping is a study technique that allows you to break down large chunks of information, and take notes in a much more efficient fashion. Using this method can result in a much more productive studying, and can also make reviewing your notes a much easier process. This article, and its accompanying video, offer well made explanations of this technique, such as how it works, and instructions on how to use this method.

How it helped
Jennifer Foreman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

The site helped explain in different ways on how you can create a web and put your information down on the web, using titles and important details. to brainstorm your ideas and put them in order. it is easier to make a web and not a list of information. Mind mapping helps with big chunks of information,I tend to use too much information, but tend to try and make the information smaller when writing it down.

Mind map with video
Felicia, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

The website explains how to do mind maps and why they are important. In another class we had to take notes in this format and I was confused on what or how to do it. I wish I had found this website sooner. I find it interesting and informative. Very easy to read and navigate. Also has a video available to watch on maps.

Visual Organization Some Review
Shannan Hoxsie , College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Salem Oregon

This website featured interesting and helpful advice in regards to a different approach to note taking. A technique called mind mapping is explained, where large amounts of information can be broken down into more simple and easier to understand information.

The material was easy to understand and the author detailed the steps to take in order to use this approach. For example, finding a main focus and then elaborating the details in an organized physical map. I will be trying this technique and enjoy discovering new ways to better my notes and memory. Great article!


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